Status Labs SEO Company Gives Outlook on Differences Between SEO and PR Companies

The ever-changing digital landscape presents new challenges daily. You may realize that your brand continues to struggle to build an online presence. After searching for solutions online, you come across suggestions like hiring an SEO company or a PR company. How can the two help your brand grow? Can they help make the brand more visible?

Status Labs is an SEO company with clients in more than 40 countries. The company was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. for four consecutive years. Here are some differences between an SEO company and a PR company to help you pick the right one:

Social Media

Social media is essential for both SEO and PR. Linking your site to social media makes it easier for customers to find you. Similarly, social media platforms generate tons of traffic, building your ranks on search engines. PR companies also work closely with social media to build brands. User-generated content can help you get your business noticed. Both SEO and PR companies can primarily benefit from using social influencers to reach more audiences through social media.

Track What Works, and Leave What Doesn’t

When implementing SEO for your website, you realize that some strategies are more efficient than others. Not every suggestion will help drive traffic to your business. A good SEO companies like provide top-notch services by utilize the new information and data by changing course. SEO specialists recommend that you use analytics to examine every strategy. You can use the data to find out what your audience loves. Status Labs helps you make sense of data and analytics to build your SEO ranking.

It is almost impossible for PR companies to keep track of measuring success. Over the years, it has become relatively expensive to measure the level of success. Equivalent advertising value is one way to measure the impact of strategies employed.

Keywords That Reflect Your Brand

A good SEO company will help you work on using SEO keywords that suit your niche. While using keywords is excellent for SEO, Google quickly identifies keyword stuffing and penalizes you. However, Status Labs can help you establish great ways to use keywords in your niche to improve your ranking. PR agencies may not have a way of using keywords as a part of their strategy.

User Experience

Status Labs SEO company identifies that user experience is the most incredible way of winning in SEO. Investing in the overall user experience will help you generate traffic and get a high SEO ranking. You make the user experience better by ensuring that your website loads faster. Removing spam and malware is also a great way to improve user experience. SEO companies make sure that your site does not have too many pop-up advertisements.

In PR, user experience goes a long way. PR companies ensure that everything that you put out as a brand represents the brand accurately and positively. The agencies also work tirelessly to ensure that the material applies to your target audience.

Mobile-Friendly Website

SEO companies like Status Labs can help you create a mobile-friendly website. The website should be easy to use and quick to load. Also, the site should have optimal results. When building your SEO strategy, you must consider that many users will access your website through their mobile phones, thus creating a good platform for them.

SEO or PR Company?

SEO and PR are equally crucial for every growing business. Therefore, a smart company will incorporate digital PR alongside SEO to build their online business presence. If you feel lost on getting started with SEO, reach out to Status Labs for its excellent services.

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