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Stay Safe Child’s Party

Health and safety are some of the things people find to be very boring.

I have performed in events for the past 17 years, and I have seen a couple of incidents, accidents, and times when something almost went wrong. Most of the situations were avoidable, or would have resulted in less trouble had basic precautions been followed. Below are some recommendations that you need to consider when you plan a party.

The first thing is knowing the venue you have hired. Check whether it has fire exits and fire extinguishers. The caretaker of the venue needs to show you such things. If you are just given the keys, then make sure to check out where everything is. It is also important to know the correct postcode and address in case you need the services of the emergency services. There have been events where the Fire Brigade were needed and paramedics too. There is nothing worse than not knowing the exact location because it means help is going to delay.

The venue needs to be free from hazards. Community centers and village halls are mostly used by the club’s organization. They tend to store a lot of equipment in the hall, and there are times when they can leave such equipment lying around. There are some venues where you might encounter things like screwdrivers and chisels left behind by a woodworking club.

Go to the kitchen and check if everything is safe. Halls tend to have old kitchens, and some have hazards in them. Kids are curious and might be tempted to touch things they haven’t seen before and might assume it is something harmless. Clean the surfaces using an antibacterial spray. There have been cases of parents complaining about how their kids caught a bug at the party because of unclean worktops. The surfaces should be clean because they can compromise the safety of food and snacks.

Ensuring that the chairs and tables at the safe are safe, stacked properly, and set up correctly. There have been incidents of children getting hurt because they fell from chairs. Performers have also had folding tables collapse on them because they weren’t set up correctly by those organizing the event.

You should be aware of other hazards. There was a recent story of a boy who was killed by a falling mirror when he was in the shop. This is common and I have something similar almost happen in a hotel function room. That room had decorative mirrors around, and there was a child who ran into it. The child did not get hurt, but the mirror was ruined.

It is a good idea to block off access to any unsafe areas and the stage too. Notice how most halls usually have curtains on the stage. They also have lighting and a lot of clutter. This combination of cords, wires, darkness, and scenery is a recipe for disaster. If you are in such a situation draw the curtains and block the steps leading to the stage. There are some venues that have portable steps that can be easily removed.

Keeping an eye on the children. It is important to do this because they are the most volatile thing at the event or party. The entertainer is going to use the energy from the children to make the party even more fun. There are children who tend to be too boisterous, making it important to remind them from time to time how to behave. The responsibility falls to the parents.

You need to be careful with sparklers, candles, and party poppers.

It is important to be very careful when it is a party with party poppers, especially when there are young children present. There is a small scar I have on my right arm which was caused when a party popper was about to be pulled that was heading for a child’s eyes. I put my arm between the party popper and the kid. For safe party popper alternatives visit

You should also be careful when you have pets like a dog because they tend to get very excited when there are noisy children running around and playing games. Dogs will always look for a chance to have fun too, but this can be unsafe for the children. The dog might sit back and relax at first, but it will reach a point when it becomes hard for them to contain their excitement. It can break loose and start running after the kids, and they will start to cry and being frightened because they think the dog is going to bite them. While there are some who claim their dogs are disciplined, but it is a good idea to avoid such problems altogether by not having them at the party.

All of this might seem a lot on you, but you shouldn’t panic!

You need to take time and think about these things many days before the event so you can enough time to plan out everything. There is a lot to do, but don’t stress because you just need to plan things out.

Having a Health and Safety policy in place is going to put your mind at rest. I usually ask my corporate clients about this. This can sound boring, but it is important because it ensures the safety of the venue. You get peace of mind knowing that any problem that comes up is going to be dealt with.

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