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Striving for Sneeze-Free Spaces? 7 Tips & Tricks for Allergy-Proofing Your Home

Allergens are everywhere. There’s no hiding, and everyone deserves a sanctuary where they can escape the itchy, scratchy, sneezing symptoms. Home is this a safe haven for most, but you might be missing some of the common causes of allergy symptoms that live right under your roof.

Allergies affect as many as fifty million Americans. If you feel like you’re fighting against an invisible enemy, here are seven tips and tricks that will help antihistamine your home.

Take a closer look at your mattress

Did you know that mattresses are one of the biggest culprits of hidden allergens? If you notice that your allergies don’t improve no matter what you replace, try switching out your mattress with planet-friendly alternatives like the Essentia organic mattresses. These organic beds are made of all-natural components with no harsh chemicals, meaning they’re a dream for your immune system.

Avoid soft surface materials

Specific allergens attach themselves to rugs, pillows, bedding, curtains, and cushions. However, it’s not practical to remove all your soft furnishings.

Your bed is your castle. Invest in hypoallergenic and allergen-proof mattress covers and wash your bedding weekly. Pillows should be replaced or protected with blocking covers.


Air freshening has become a trend. Who doesn’t want to be transported to an idyllic meadow from the comfort of their living room? The answer might be people with allergies to aerosol products. Air deodorizers may cause additional symptoms and discomfort—clean means odor-free when you’re trying to avoid upsetting your lungs and eyes.

Remove all air freshening devices and dispose of chemical fragrances, including scented cleaning and laundry solutions. Open your windows or invest in air purifying units.

Vacuum and clean your home

Instead of sweeping, invest in a quality HEPA filter wand-operated vacuum. While it’s tedious, vacuuming soft furnishings and suctioning those challenging to reach corners will help keep dust out of the air.

Vacuuming your mattresses may sound far-fetched, but it’s a virtual zoo and breeding habitat for dust mites. Wash the dust receptacle and sponges in your vacuum often.

In addition, a clean home is an excellent defensive solution against allergies. It removes dust, mold, and pet dander. Think of it as a rewarding exercise in good health.

Use mild detergents that are scent-free and quality lint-free microfiber cloths. Wash every surface and wall, the knick-knacks, all bedding, and curtains.

Dehumidify mold spores

A dehumidifier or air conditioner will help eliminate many mold spores for those who live in high humidity and damp climates.

Keep temperatures between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and your humidity levels less than 50%. Clean those filters in the AC unit and dehumidifier as it will prolong their lifespan and yours.

Boost your immunity

A robust and healthy body is a natural resource. Why not support it by boosting the immune system? Make healthy food choices, include a new exercise routine, sleep well, and learn stress-reducing methods like mediation or journaling.

Inspect your home

Mold is a deadly enemy. If you can’t crawl into the hidden spaces of your home, like the attic or basement, hire someone qualified.

It’s prudent to have your furnace and filters professionally cleaned. Your dryer vents should blow to the outside and make sure they aren’t plugged. Perform routine checks on your house for cracks. Water damage causes mold to bloom.


Environmental allergens are substances that may occur naturally or can be artificial. Cleaning is an excellent tool to help compromised immune systems and improve overall health.

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