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Why Travel Can Do Wonders For Mental Health

Mental Health

If you find yourself stuck in the same routine day after day, you could understandably start yearning for a genuinely fresh-feeling experience. A trip away from home could be just what the doctor ordered — and that doesn’t have to be just a metaphor and reasonable for your mental health. …

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How Holistic Sanctuary Treat the Depression in patients


Dealing with mental challenges and depression is tough. But to cure and treat the patient with patience is tougher. Therefore, many mental rehabilitation centers that will only give the medication or the group therapies that do not bring back the sane mental state. However, if you are at the holistic …

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How to improve mental health in elderly


Mental health is often viewed as a young person’s issue, but the elderly are just as susceptible to mental health problems. Depression, anxiety, and dementia are just a few of the mental health problems that can affect the elderly. These conditions can make it difficult for seniors to live independently …

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