My Pet Dog Is Snoring While Sleeping

Take A Look: Why My Pet Dog Is Snoring While Sleeping

Like humans, dogs also snore sometimes while sleeping. It could be a thing of concern in some cases. However, it most commonly occurs in dogs for various reasons, and it is easily treatable. Snoring is an activity that is caused due to some health issues, which we will discuss later. It may lead to arise the question of why does my dog snore in your mind. Sometimes the loud noise of snoring may make you feel concerned about your dog, but snoring is harmless in most situations. But it does not mean you can ignore it.

If your dog is snoring in sleep, it could be possible that he is in a deep sleep. Moreover, sometimes experiences a cold. As a result of it, he starts snoring due to blockage of the nerve in his nose. If you have noticed your dog’s snoring for a long time, then you will need to approach your veterinarian. Vets are qualified people who are good at checking out dogs’ issues. There are several reasons behind snoring in humans, and likewise in the case of dogs. So we have enlightened some reasons behind your pet dog’s snoring. For that, you will need to continue reading until the CPCPET Supplies.


Some dog breeds are naturally prone to snoring, which is due to their genetics. If your dog is snoring while asleep, it is commonly because of the movement of air. Your pet dog is not able to move through airways properly, which leads to snoring. Such a phenomenon is prevalent in particular dog breeds because of anatomical peculiarities.

There is also another reason behind such a scenario: you have a short-nosed breed of dog as a pet. Dog breeds with short noses are more prone to snoring. So, if this is the reason behind the snoring activity of your dog in sleep, it is not a topic of concern. It is natural due to the short nose.

Some dog breeds that are more susceptible to snoring and breathing issues are the pug, boxer, English bulldog, French bulldog, and Pekingese. Consider reading the following reasons if you’re still questioning why my dog snores with a big nose.

Weight is another factor-

Another significant factor that leads to snoring in dogs is their weight. Being overweight is also a factor that contributes to snoring in many dogs. It is commonly because an extra pound of weight can put extra pressure on your pet dog’s airways, which ultimately leads to difficulty breathing issues.

Being overweight in a dog or any other creature causes a variety of health problems and other consequences. So it is crucial to keep your dog healthy and keep your dog’s weight appropriate so that it does not suffer from any health issues.

In the case of bringing your dog’s weight to the appropriate one, you will need to take care of your dog’s food intake. Check the calories you’re giving your dog through food and exercise, and control them if they’re too high.

Take your dog to some workout sessions and run with it. This will reduce the fat and burn it. Ensuring enough exercise is done by your dog is needed to control the weight of your pet.

It’s freezing outside-

Another common reason behind the snoring of your pet dog is cold. If you have the question, “why does my dog snore?” on your mind, then you must consider checking whether your dog is feeling cold or not.

The symptoms of a cold that you need to notice are a runny nose, sniffling, weeping eyes, and snoring. During the cold, humans also start snoring, and the situation is similar with dogs. In the condition of a cold, it becomes pretty difficult to breathe comfortably. As a result, your dog may start snoring due to the blockage of nerves in his nose.

In dogs, a cold can last for 4-5 days. If it is not getting cured, then you must take your pet to visit a doctor. When your dog’s cold gets cured, the snoring will also stop. I hope these reasons are enough to explain the snoring of your pet dog.

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