Tech-Free Things to do for your family

Tech-free means no use of technology. For example, you are not allowed to use any gadget (mobile, laptop, or any type of tech gadget) on the dining table in your house. So this is the tech-free zone for you. These tech-free zones are not created to impose something on you, but this is for turning off the mere temptation of doing so. So in tech-free trips, you do not use any type of gadget during this period.

Why tech-free?

In these tech-free trips, you spend all of your time with your family and your loved ones.  That means during all this period you are away from your digital world and all of your time for this is now for your family. You are away from all of your burdens like your office work. This will make your family bond more powerful as there is a saying “Time is the most precious thing you can give to someone”, so by spending time with your loved ones you can tell them that they are the most important thing for you. So after hours of research, we are here with a to-do list of tech-free things with your family.

At dinner table

At the dinner table, you must not use any gadget or digital platform. The dinner table (or breakfast table or lunch counter) is the perfect place to start spending quality time together because all the members of the family are together there. You can talk with your family members and kids as it’s the best time for parenting. At the dinner table, you spend a maximum of thirty to thirty-five minutes together with your family. And it is enough time to communicate with your family and have a talk. You can discuss your problems with them and listen to their problems. You can share with them your accomplishments and also hear about accomplishments too. Doing this will minimize your burdens you can also share your happiness with your family.

While driving

If you are driving with your kids, then texting and emailing is something you should put on the “don’t do” list. If you do so this will set a bad example for your kids. If you have to send an urgent phone call, text message, or email then you should stop the car and do your important work on your phone or laptop. By doing so you will set an example for your kids and draw a line so that they will also follow these rules when driving a car.

In Living Room

Making your living room tech-free means liberating this room from digital gadgets like TV. After doing that reorganize the room with a focus on socialization and relaxation. You can add books in your living rooms so that you can have a light reading as the benefits of reading still far outweigh the benefits of mindless technological consumption. Removing the television, mobile phone,  laptop, tablet from your living room will almost always naturally encourage more reading in your life.

Tech-Free Road Trip

Yes, you read that right, A tech-free road trip. On this trip, you didn’t use any digital gadget like mobile or laptop. It is also a great way to unplug from your daily responsibilities and spend quality time wih your family. On this trip, you can entertain yourself and your family with different tricks like roadside visits to interesting and educational spots, Museums, monuments, amusement, and parks, etc. You can play different educational games like using counting, shapes, and colors to get your children thinking actively or test your child’s multiplication or general knowledge. You can get a discount on a specific time when booking movers for your trip equipment.


In 2021, when the use of digital gadgets is everywhere. People use it from their job to their sleeping beds. Then it is very important to spent some time with your family. By spending time with your family,you will be able to do better parenting and know about their problem. You can have a tech-free trip with your family and loved ones to spend quality time with each other. For example, you are going to Canada with your family to have a family tech-free trip. Then you can spend this time to know about the problems of your loved one and try to solve their problems. You can make very good memories with your loved ones and make them feel better. If you want to know a wonderful place to visit this website.

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