The 10 Commandments for the Perfect Online Church Service

If you’re a church leader, you’ve faced a unique challenge this year. Churches are based around the community. They’re places people come together to worship and pray. They are the core support system for Christians who may otherwise feel isolated and alone.

They also serve as encouragements for people who are committing to living a life for Jesus, which is something not everyone understands. Yet, due to no one’s fault, many of us have had to spend the year separated. Shaking hands and hugging became replaced by waving from a 6-foot distance if you’re allowed to meet in person at all.

Zoom has become the new Sunday school room, and churches find themselves trying to navigate an online church service. For some, the transition is like charting new territory. Never fear, though! Below, we’ll go into the 10 commandments of a great online service.

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  1. Thou Shalt Discuss It with the Staff

Before you go online, think about everyone who regularly appears in your church service. This includes the person delivering the sermon as well as any musicians, choirs, or other speakers. Ask them how they feel about having an online service.

Why? You might think your idea is a good one, but not everyone is comfortable having their face online. Because of this, it’s best to have an open discussion with the people involved.

Talk to them individually, if possible, as opposed to as a whole group. This both promotes social distancing and allows people to express their own opinions instead of just going along with the crowd. What happens if a sizeable portion of your staff is uncomfortable?

Talk through your additional options. Maybe your pastor could record sermons instead of live stream a church service.

  1. Thou Shalt Consider the Congregation

If leadership is the brains of a church, the congregation is its beating heart. Neither part could effectively function without the other. Yet, often only the leadership makes decisions for the congregation. In this instance, it’s vital to put the congregation at the center of your decision to go online.

First, consider their needs. Are there people in the congregation who may have a harder time accessing your services online? How can you adjust to make sure they are accommodated? Then, think about how they will interact. Will they be allowed to comment and ask questions? Will you have Zoom Sunday School meetings before the service?

  1. Thou Shalt Plan the Online Church Service

Make sure you have an exact order of proceedings laid out. Discuss it openly with everyone involved in the service to make sure they know when they come in.

  1. Thou Shalt Practice

Before you go live, you should definitely practice a few times. Do a full run-through with everyone involved in the service to make sure it goes smoothly and everything works.

  1. Thou Shalt Use Good Cameras

If possible, invest in a good camera for the service. While ordinary cameras can still get the job done, good cameras elevate your production value. With everyone online nowadays, most people can pick good camera quality from bad. Make sure you get it right.

  1. Thou Shalt Test Your Technology

Incorporate your technology into your rehearsals and get up early enough to test it again right before the live stream. Why?

Technology messes up all the time, but if you catch it before it’s live, you might be able to save yourself an embarrassing mistake.

  1. Thou Shalt Keep the Stream Interesting

Like it or not, when you’re online, you’re competing for the attention of your congregants. If they have their computers open, you’re competing with the addicting temptation of social media and other videos.

As such, it can help you to learn a thing or two about creating engaging videos. If possible, don’t just film whoever’s onstage without changing it up. If the pastor is preaching, try to cut away to a powerpoint of his main points every once in a while or include some relevant images.

  1. Thou Shalt Not Forget the Fellowship

People attend church for so many different reasons. Many come to praise and worship God. But most also enjoy another fantastic perk: fellowship.

Churches bring people together and help put them in connection with other Christians. Many people form lifelong bonds with their fellow churchgoers, and quite a few go on to found effective groups within their community.

During COVID-19, meeting with others has become increasingly difficult. For some, this has been a very difficult transition, and the distance from others has induced loneliness.

This is where the church has an amazing chance to step up to the plate. When you consider how you’ll move your services online, also think about the fellowship. Will there be opportunities for your congregants to meet via the internet?

  1. Thou Shalt Get Tech-Savvy People Involved

When you begin planning your church service, remember to involve someone who has knowledge of the technology you’re using. You may need them to assist you in using your technology or even running it while you’re live streaming.

No matter what you end up doing for your service, make sure you have someone who knows how to work your equipment and can navigate hiccups.

  1. Thou Shalt Advertise Well

If you think it’s time to let up on sending emails to your list, don’t. In fact, use every avenue you can think of to communicate with your congregants about the church service moving online.

Make sure everyone knows how to access the service and communicate as clearly as possible so crowds of people don’t show up on Sunday. Also, put it on your church sign and website. If you do this, you might still be able to gain attendees even while in quarantine.

Are You Ready to Shepherd Your Church Through COVID-19?

Conducting an online church service can go a long way in taking your church through COVID-19.

It will help you be able to continue your church services even when your congregation cannot be there in person. The tips above can help make your services a success.

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