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Laborers work on a building construction site in Karachi, Pakistan February 25, 2016. Karachi property prices jumped 23 percent last year to a record high, outpacing other large cities and the national average of 10 percent, data from property website showed. Picture taken Febraury 25, 2016. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

The 5 Best Websites In The Construction Industry

The construction industry was hit hard when the Dutch economy slowed, but construction projects are coming back at a rapid pace. Turnover is rising and construction is eager for extra hands. The sector is constantly on the move and filled with often innovative developments. From residential construction to commercial construction and from sustainable construction of homes to 3D printing: there are plenty of opportunities for success and financial rewards in the construction sector.

With the increase in opportunities, the importance of the digital business card of construction companies is also increasing. The construction sector is also up to date. The days of newspaper ads and local TV ads are long gone. Those who want to distinguish themselves from the competition nowadays must not only do an excellent job but also be visible online. Having a good website and operating on social media is a must. A successful website in the construction sector consists of different ingredients, from layout to speed and from user-friendliness to adaptability. When we talk about a good website, we mean exactly that. It must be good. A website with which nothing is achieved, you have exactly nothing. Whether it is the website of a contractor, construction company, architect, or steel company, the website must effectively achieve a goal for the company. This can be for various purposes, such as increasing profit, creating awareness or awareness, or building a new customer base.

As a specialist in the construction sector in the field of web design and online marketing, we make it our task to keep up to date with the latest changes, trends, and developments in the world of the world wide web. With this in mind, we decided to do thorough research to find out what we think are the best websites in the construction industry right now. We have viewed hundreds if not thousands of websites. The websites are in alphabetical order. One website is no better than the other, all 20 websites are excellent examples of how you can best present yourself as a company in the construction sector online.

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1. ABB Bouwgroep

The family business ABB develops and builds special projects. The attention of website visitors is drawn directly to these projects in a smart and modern way. The full-screen videos on the homepage show a selection of the executed projects. Visitors can click directly on this. The projects are described in detail, with beautiful photos, clear floor plans, and a handy link with which visitors can share the projects via social media. A very nice addition is the element ‘Stories about’, in which ABB gives its clients the opportunity to share their experience of working with the company.

2. Akson

In a world full of dusty construction websites, it is refreshing to see a modern brand approach. Akson’s website, formerly known as Debuco Techniek, is a website different from the average site. The palette, consisting of navy blue, dusty green, and white, is reflected throughout the website. This shows that much attention has been paid to the new identity of the company. And it works. The page layouts are contemporary, the composition of photos playful and the navigation is easy to operate.


The website of the architectural firm BINT largely functions as a portfolio. This is done cleverly. On the homepage, visitors’ attention is immediately drawn to videos of various completed projects. You can then navigate to the projects that BINT has carried out. The projects are presented in a unique way on the website, by means of true case studies. Each project is shown on a separate landing page and in addition to beautiful photos, images, and blueprints, BINT provides a lot of background information about the assignment and working method for each project. The entire site looks calm, which makes the website easy to read and splashes the photos of your screen. Moreover, the site is not only available in Dutch, but also in English. (small tip: an SSL is a must in 2019)

4. BK point

This is an example of what every website should offer, and not just in the construction industry. The website of the architectural firm BKpunt uses a full-screen video on the homepage. With this, the architectural firm ensures that the attention of visitors is immediately drawn to this. It is also nice that the founders of the architectural firm, Jos and Wouter, play the leading role in the video. Choosing an architect has a lot to do with trust. Thanks to the personal approach of the website, visitors know who is behind the website and immediately feel sympathy for and connection with the architectural firm. The rest of the website follows suit with a modern, clear layout and personal texts, and without too much fuss. (We only miss an SSL certificate)

5. Bos Wieldrecht

Visitors who visit the website of the construction company and machine factory Bos Wieldrecht can see at a glance what kind of company it is. The website is characterized by simple layout design and a large clear font. These aspects make navigability very easy, especially for the uninitiated. The website contains a lot of information about the products, services, and projects of Bos Wieldrecht. This sounds very informative, but thanks to the use of beautiful images and the colors used, the Bos Wieldrecht website manages to grab the attention.

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