App Store Optimization

The 5 steps for App Store Optimization

ASO is focused mainly on two main app store networks in the world: the Apple App Stored (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). Whether you develop an application or have an application already on the market, ASO is important for you to stand out in an app store whether it is in the ios store or the google play store.

Here are the five app store optimization tips

1.Use Relevant Keywords

It is crucial for your audience to search for the right keywords. The keywords your potential customers search for and the keywords that your top competitors use will need to be identified. Using these relevant keywords in your content will help your app stand out in the ios store or google play store.

2.  Title and Description

Titles are the most important metadata that makes your app so visible and drive in more downloads. Ensure that the title is limited to 25 characters. Try to search for your app once you have picked your name. If you have thousands, the name is uncreative enough. As many keywords as possible (not filling in) in the first 250 characters should be included in the definition.

3.  Eye Catching ScreenShots

Compelling visuals can give you an edge in the app marketplace.Choose an app icon that is easy to recognize and will be memorable for your brand. Aim to use different colors than your top competitors to eliminate any confusion from potential customers.When making their choices or decision , the majority of people would look at your photos, so don’t neglect them. Add as many as appealing screenshots that tempt the users to download the app.

4.  Quality Backlinks

In order to build the best backlinks, your application must actively connect to websites related to your app and approved by Google according to the current algorithm standards. Although the value of backlinks in relation to ASO is uncertain, it remains clear that value over quantity is the preferred reverse-link performance process.

5.  Analyze your Competitors

While it is important for all companies to know who the rivals are and their business strategy, it is particularly important for ASO. You need to track top-performing apps in your chosen category regularly once you have submitted your application to the market. See if you change your ranking if you add a keyword or adjust your metadata.

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