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The 7 Little Things That Will Show Your Employees You Value Them

Showing your employees that they mean something to you is very important. Seldom do our bosses express appreciation; seldom are we told that we are valuable employees. When your boss does, however, tell you that you are valuable, or shows you that you are valuable, it can mean the whole world. In this article, we are going to tell you the seven little things that you can do that will show your employees you value them and that you could not survive without them.

Here are seven little things that will show your employees you value them.


Trusting your employees and allowing them to make decisions on their own can be a great way to show that you value them and trust them. However, with increased trust, you will increase employee accountability, which means that if they do make any mistakes or do anything wrong, they could be in even more trouble; this is a risk you must take. Trusting your employees and giving them a little more control over what they do is definitely a great way to show them that they mean something to you and that they are important to your business.


Being kind to your employees is very easy, takes less than a few minutes every day, and shows them that you value them. If you behave tyrannically and have a proclivity to shout, abuse, or be mean to them, they will feel unwanted and undervalued. However, if you are kind to them, show them that they care, and are generally pleasant to be around they will feel valued, we assure you. Kindness is a quality you should cultivate anyway; being needlessly cruel to people is not a character trait you want to exhibit.


If it is your employees’ birthdays, or if they have any special occasions coming up, be sure to congratulate them or wish them a happy birthday. Thinking about your employees on their special days is a fantastic way to show them that you value them, for if you did not value them, you would remember them on their special days. All it takes is a little thoughtfulness, and you can ensure that your employees stay loyal to you and feel that they are valued and wanted by you. It doesn’t hurt to wish anyone a happy birthday, does it?


Giving your staff a fair amount of holidays and days off every year is a great way to show them that you value them. Seldom do we get days off, and when we do, it is usually short-lived. If you want to show your employees that you value them, then be overly generous with holiday time. Giving your staff holidays allows them to recharge their batteries and to come back feeling better and that they are cared for and valued. Do not give them too many holidays though but be fair. Always think about your staff holidays.


Holiday get-togethers, paid for by the company, are a fantastic way to demonstrate that you care about your employees and that you value them. Christmas dos are a good way to show your employees you care. On Christmas, like clockwork, you should get together with your employees, buy them dinner, and invite their families along. This will help to build a sense of camaraderie among your staff and will help to cement your bonds. Christmas get-togethers with your staff can be very fun, so we do recommend that you at least consider doing this once a year.


Raises and bonuses are another way to demonstrate that you care about and value your employees. Raises and bonuses, while insignificant to you, can be life-changing and mean the entire world to your employees. If you notice one of your employees is going above and beyond to deliver on their work, then give them a raise, or at the very least, an added bonus to their salary. Raises are something that you should be careful about giving – but when you do give – give generously. Give your employees some thought and decide which of them deserves a raise this year…


Give praise where praise is due. If your employees are working very hard or are working very late, then give them praise and acknowledge what they are doing. This acknowledgment can sometimes be enough to convince your staff that you do value them and that you care about them and appreciate them.

Showing your staff that you do value them is very important – few bosses do this nowadays. Your staff is like your family in a way, so treat them like it. Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed the article!

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