The American Kratom Association

Although the American Kratom Association was established in the year of 2014, the organization didn’t launch until 2015. The American Kratom Association, or AKA, is registered in Virginia as a non-profit organization. AKA is known as a consumer advocacy association.

Mission of the American Kratom Association

Since the organization launched in 2015, they have been committed to bringing back full access to the consumers of kratom, as well as preserving the freedom and rights of US consumers to make their own choices in consuming kratom for their well-being and healthy lifestyles. Most importantly, you must buy kratom products from American Kratom Association’s approved vendors for safe and secure usage. The AKA has 5 goals that they are committed to achieving, these 5 goals include:

  • Supporting consumers – The private and political entities don’t have the best interest of the consumers of kratom in mind, one of the AKA’s goals is to change this fact by supporting the consumers of kratom.
  • Educating about kratom – The AKA’s goal is to educate everyone on the benefits of kratom and how it is a natural alternative to other medicines.
  • Amplify the voices – An individual’s voice may not be heard, but the voice of many individuals put together has a better chance of being heard. The AKA currently represents thousands of American consumers of kratom that all have their stories to tell.
  • Global Awareness – The AKA’s hope here is to demonstrate the responsible use of kratom among consumers, and providing practical knowledge to any other country that may be studying kratom when they are considering their kratom legislation.
  • Protecting the natural resources – Since kratom is a natural resource that is vital to many consumers, AKA’s goal is to protect this precious resource. They hope to educate and help with reforestation efforts of kratom trees and provide information as well as helping with harvesting techniques.

What is the American Kratom Association Trying to Protect?

The AKA is trying to protect the use of kratom. Kratom is a type of tree that grows in parts of Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. Kratom leaves have been used as a natural medicine for many years. Consumers still use the leaves for medicinal purposes but the leaves are also being used as a recreational drug.

Why is Kratom Important to the American Kratom Association?

Traditionally, kratom leaves were brewed into teas, used in cooking, and chewed to receive its medicinal benefits. Today, in addition to the traditional methods, consumers also crush the leaves and smoke them as you would marijuana or tobacco leaves. Some consumers even grind the leaves up and make them into pills. Consuming a low-dose of kratom leaves often helps consumers feel like they have more energy, consuming a high-dose of kratom leaves can leave the consumer in a dream-like state or making them feel sleepy.

The AKA is trying to protect the use of kratom because of the natural benefits it gives the consumers. Although kratom might be used in recreational ways instead of medicinal ways to some consumers, the AKA wants to educate everyone on the uses of kratom and how important it is to some consumers. Many consumers of kratom suffer from pain, depression, anxiety and even having low energy, consuming kratom helps the consumers with these common problems.

How Does the American Kratom Association Help?

The AKA fights for your rights involving kratom in state capitols and on Capitol Hill, has scientists studying kratom to become more educated on its properties and uses, and spreads the truth about kratom. In addition to doing these things, their website is helpful in ways such as:

  • Having many resources to help you better understand the consumption of kratom. They have scientific information listed on the site as well as what their mission is.
  • The AKA has also developed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Program, this program is set to ensure that the kratom is manufactured and processed safely. The GMP program has a set of principles that manufacturers commit to when they are processing and manufacturing kratom.
  • The AKA hosts events such as the 2020 Kratom Leadership Summit that will be hosted in Florida from November 11-13. These events are set to empower you with the information you need to help educate others.
  • There is a part of their website where you can share your story and read other’s stories involving kratom.

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