The benefits, use, creation of author boxes

Author boxes are one of the most used tools if your website is aimed more at blog posts or content writing. These boxes allow you to add multiple authors to a blog post and make sure you give them proper credit for their writing, especially if you have a guest post.

The benefits of author boxes

It’s really nice and professional when you give credit to guest authors on your website. Sometimes, it can be hard for them to build a proper portfolio, so this will definitely show off their real work.

Here are some of the benefits of using author boxes:

·    By using this tool, you’ll also attract new users and visitors since everybody is looking for some exposure.

·    Another great thing you get with this tool is a chance to promote authors on your blog, which means you’ll gain lots of traffic (if you make a good strategy and place internal links right, you have a great chance to get new readers).

·    This tool is super easy to install and set up within your WordPress dashboard.

·    You’re able to easily add and edit any author boxes you want.

·    If you’re working on a bigger project or article that requires multiple writers, with this tool, you’ll easily give everyone the credit they deserve.

·    Different color palettes and fonts are there to help you create the author box you want. And if you’re not quite sure what you want, there are lots of professionally designed templates you can choose from.

·    If you want to showcase some of the most popular authors on your blog, you can also do that with pre-built options and gain more readers and visitors.

How to create an author box

There are many options available when it comes to creating author’s boxes. You can write and add code snippets to your source code or find a specific theme that has this type of tool preinstalled to use. However, this way of adding author boxes can be time-consuming and boring. The best way to save your time and achieve the best results is to use the Simple Author Box plugin.

Introducing Simple Author Box

This WordPress plugin for the creation of author boxes is one of the best you can use. It helps you to easily add an author box at the end of the desired article. With this plugin, you get a more professional look on your website while promoting your guest authors in a great way.

It’s fully responsive and gives you a nice design. Besides this, you also get tons of options you can use to create the box you want (add multiple authors, edit the whole author box, assign more posts to one writer, etc.).

Some of the main features are:

·    Customization of an author box – when you’re adding a new author to an article, you need to choose their avatar, enter their name, website, a short biography, and add social media links if they have any. After you finish that, you’ll get a preview window to see the final look before the box gets published on your website.

·    Settings – some of the settings you get with this plugin will help you make the changes you want. You can change appearance, colors, typography, showing author boxes on specific pages, etc.

·    Highlighting top authors (only with the PRO version) – a great thing you can do to showcase the most popular authors is to use this option through a widget that comes only in the PRO version of this plugin.

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How to use this plugin

The process of installation and use of this plugin is so easy. You just go to your WordPress dashboard, search for Simple Author Box in the “Download Plugin” section on the left-hand side menu and click the Download button. After that, you install and activate this plugin on your website. To do so, you go to WP Admin, then choose Plugins, Add New, and then Upload Plugin.

After you select the installation file, you open WP Admin, go to Appearances and choose Simple Author Box. In order to successfully activate the plugin, you need to enter your license key.

When the activation is over, the plugin will guide you through the final setup process. And that’s it! And if any issues come up, the support is always there.

There are lots of options for you to add or edit an author box. Besides the standard edit, you’re able to add custom HTML. You can also change the tab background color, border color, hover background color, and much more. If you decide to change the position of the author box, you can easily do that by changing margins and padding, as well as changing the border width. And if you’re not fully satisfied with these changes, you can easily add your custom CSS.

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