The Best Cannabis Gardens Start With The Best Soil

The Best Cannabis Gardens Start With The Best Soil

The increasing acceptance by people and legalization of cannabis by multiple states in the US for both medical and recreational use has been a significant development in the last few years and impacted the lives of many in our communities. Patients that consume cannabis and those that use it for recreational purposes have increased access, information, choice of cannabis strains, and even the option to grow their personal cannabis plants. (It is important to mention that these laws are state-specific and may vary in your state).

Anyone serious cannabis enthusiast that takes their interest and passion for the cannabis plant to the next level by deciding to grow their plants will inevitably have to make multiple decisions as they acquire the knowledge, plan, purchase the required materials, and start their botanical journey of growing cannabis. The first and arguably, one of the most vital steps in the process is to decide what soil to use in cannabis gardens.

Most first-time growers think that the type of strain and the seed’s quality determines the quality and quantity of harvest from their cannabis garden. While this is true, the foundation of successful grow starts with choosing the best soil medium. Unfortunately, the type of soil is often the one factor that is commonly overlooked and limits a cannabis garden’s success. In general terms, the quality and variety of soil used for a cannabis garden can determine the quality of the cannabis flowers (bud) harvested and the overall yield from the grow. An excellent general rule to remember is that not all soil is the same, and not all cannabis needs the same type of soil. It is essential to consider your goals, including (but not limited to) the type of cannabis strain, the climate, and the location (indoor vs. outdoor) of the cannabis garden.

Many individuals choose to create the right kind of soil mix by themselves at home; alternatively, many first-time growers find it easier to buy a premade soil mix from the store. With the growing popularity of growing cannabis, many different types of products are available, ranging from basic soil mix to strain specific pre-fertilized soil. Many of these soil mixes have been thoughtfully designed to optimize cannabis growth and the use of organic materials and substrates. These may include naturally occurring mineral-rich material that is high in silica and other essential plant nutrients. The use of silica-rich soil has been shown to benefit plants throughout its life cycle by multiple mechanisms. These include creating a non-toxic, alkaline environment, increasing stress resistance, and providing a slow and continuous plant nutrients delivery.

A few of the soil’s significant features that should be given consideration when choosing the type of soil for a cannabis garden are texture, draining, and water retention. Generally speaking, good soil for cannabis often has a loose texture, is dark in color, retains and drains water efficiently.


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