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The best guide to buy wholesale diamonds for startups

Always bear in mind, when planning to buy wholesale diamonds, make sure that the supplier is certified. The basic guideline here is to deal with reputable and professional sellers. To make this blog more informational, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of finding the right vendor.

Grading Report

The certification of your diamond stones or commonly referred to as grading report or is only as good as the laboratory that graded and issued it is only useful if the laboratory is reliable.
Never hesitate to check on its credentials and capability as well as the reputation of the people who grade them. Buying wholesale diamonds can be very tricky. Most jewelers do take advantage of this and get huge profits reselling them after setting the stones in precious metal and then selling them through their outlets.

Apart from just buying them in a bulk, you can click here for pink gemstones if you want to buy one for him or her.

Synthetic diamonds

Be aware that some diamonds are treated or enhanced as synthetic diamonds that is the most recent-found threat. Synthetic diamonds are changed in some ways that can trick the inexperienced consumer.
Buying wholesale diamonds is not an easy process because of the quantity; it makes it impossible to check and identify each piece without the proper instrument that is used in a laboratory. Experts would say that there is more to diamonds than the price you paid for it. Those who have the eye for it and trained to see a perfect diamond would say that all diamonds are unique and that no two diamonds are alike.

It would take a lot of years to become an expert learning about the stones’ color, clarity, cut and carat. And may take even more years of experience to understand them fully.

Carat Weight

Even if you buy wholesale diamonds, each will still be sold by their carat weight. Do not confuse a diamond carat weight to the size of the diamond. It depends on the cut of the diamond stone. You may notice that the stones have the same size but have different carat weights.
Notice that a good cut diamond has more sparkle and excellent brilliance thus commands a higher price than poorly cut diamond stones.

Beware of the diamond grader

You will find an abundance of guidelines and vast information about diamonds but, not all are accurate, and one can’t be sure if those came from a reputable laboratory. Do not just rely on the expertise of one jeweler or diamond grader. Certifications and grading should pass the International Diamond Council rules. Valuation and appraisals of wholesale diamonds are different from a diamond certificate.

Wrapping up

So if you are going to start your new startup in the realm of jeweler, especially diamonds, then you should be well acquainted with the nuts and bolts of the diamond business. Keep in mind the certifications from the reliable laboratory and the reputation of the supplier in the market.

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