The Best Marijuana Strains for Your Vape

Are you on the hunt for the best marijuana strains for your vape pen?

If so, you’re certainly not the only one. Studies show that vaping marijuana has increased—by a lot—among college-age adults, for one. The number of 19- to 22-year-old vapers increased by nearly 9% from 2017 to 2019, totaling 14%.

Non-college-attending individuals recorded similar results, with numbers rising from 7.8% to 17% in the same time period.

Vaping aside, the use of marijuana, in general, has also risen in recent years, perhaps with banished stigmas and more accessibility through legality. 43% of college-aged individuals in the US have used marijuana.

So, knowing this, you’ll be stoked to discover that there’s tons of information out there on the best medical marijuana strains for vaping. In this guide, we highlight some top options, as well as explain what’s so great about them.

Grab your pen, settle into your seat, and get to reading!

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the favorite strain for many an experienced or novice marijuana user. It’s been hailed far and wide as one of the best strains out there, and it’s done much to earn that fame. That’s why it was the year’s best-selling strain in states such as Colorado and Washington.

What’s so great about Blue Dream, exactly?

This Sativa-dominate hybrid (that’s a blend of Indica and Sativa for those still learning their marijuana measurements) offers a perfectly well-rounded effect. It’s balanced, it’s potent, and it’s flavorful, making it a good and versatile high, no matter the events proceeding a session with it.

Its terpenes also provide several health benefits to the user, such as headache or anxiety relief. So, if you want a dose of feel-good with your feel-good, Blue Dream is the strain for you.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a fantastic strain in general but is particularly loved among vapors. That’s because vape pens offer an unadulterated hit, allowing the user to taste all the deliciousness of this potent strain. Vaping also allows you to conserve the weed, making it last you that much longer.

Sour Diesel is great for several reasons.

First, it’s incredibly aromatic, which translates directly to its flavor. Second, it’s long-lasting due to an impressive THC content. Finally, it gives you all the heady effects of your favorite strain minus the couch-lock or fogginess that comes from heavier Indicas.

If you’re going to vape Sour Diesel, prepare for an energized conversation or an exciting adventure (not to mention the stress relief!).

God’s Green Crack

Green Crack is another Sativa-dominant hybrid on our list.

And, just as with Blue Dream, the reason vapers love Green Crack so much is for its perfect proportions of easy-going relaxation and smooth-hitting flavor notes. Life’s about balance, and that extends to what strains you put in your vape pen.

What can you expect with a hit of the GGC?

This stain provides motivation, focus, and a dose of happiness. If you’re feeling a little lackluster after that cup of coffee, Green Crack might be the thing you need to lighten up. Plus, it just tastes great—it’s hard to beat that.

It’s worth noting that Green Crack is extremely stinky, so it’s crucial to be cognizant of where you choose to partake.

Jack Herer

Ahh, the list continues with the one-and-only Jack Herer strain. Talk about a classic!

Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant strain with boastful amounts of Pinene and Limonene—terpenes that deliver the goods in terms of flavor and smell. In fact, they’re two of the more popular and well-loved terpenes, but you’ll have to try them yourself to understand why.

Being that it’s Sativa-dominant, vapers can expect an uplifting feeling upon taking a hit. It instills creativity while removing that creative funk or writer’s block. It also offers its users the ability to focus and work through many a project.

So, if you’re someone who likes to take a hit or two before tackling a work assignment, Jack Herer might be just the strain to keep you productive without clouding your decision-making.

Granddaddy Purple

Are you in need of a good night’s sleep? Are you looking for a way to relax your body and your brain? Do you want something that infuses you with a little bit of euphoria?

Enter the crowd-pleaser: Granddaddy Purple.

This top marijuana strain provides all of that and then some. Granddaddy Purple, commonly referred to as GDP, is one of the most popular Indica strains on the market. It looks and feels fantastic, providing you that coveted eye pleasure and vaping pleasure.

If you have trouble sleeping at night due to a restless mind or an aching body, a hit of GDP on your vape pen could prove to be a fine solution. It instills a cleansing thoughtlessness into its users while simultaneously allowing their muscles to release any tension. Prepare to catch some ZZZs (and maybe take the day off work) if you go for this one.

Chances Are You’ve Vaped Some of the Best Marijuana Strains Already

And why is that?

Because these strains are old-school classics. They’re timeless, evergreen, long-lasting, transcendent—you name it.  As a runner-up, OG strains can be another good choice. Whether you smoke them, vape them, dab them, or turn them into edibles, you can’t go wrong with these.

Now that you know what the best marijuana strains are for vaping, get your fix! While you’re at it, keep scrolling our page for something fun to do while you wait for the wonderful effects to settle in.

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