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The Birth Certificate Website assists with the Proper and Speedy Registration of the document

The Government of every country has the correct number of births and deaths registered in their system is important since this information is used when they are creating a lot of statistics, schemes and the way they are planning on looking after people. According to a report by the World Health Organization, almost half of the world’s children go unregistered since many barriers prevent people from registering births and deaths. They receive the cause-of-death statistics regularly from approximately 100 Member States. However, globally, two-thirds, which is 38 million out of 56 million annual deaths are still not registered, and every year almost half of the world’s children go unregistered. The country needs to know the number of people born and die each year and their causes of death so they would be in a better position to create better functioning health systems.

All countries are working on finding solutions to improve the number of online birth registration in their system. One of the primary ways that they considered doing this is creating awareness about the process that would automatically get more people to get through it. Most of the people not going through the system were avoiding it since they did not see any benefit in registering their children. They saw before them a tedious process that needed a lot of coordination and no real value ad. Another reason was that the registration process was not simple, and needed people to handle it by travelling, gathering multiple documents and coordinating everything in person, which meant that they had to travel.

They solved both these issues with the creation of the online birth registration certificate website. The website had all the information about the registration process for a birth certificate. It also had all the information that anyone could require coordinating with any services relating to the birth certificate office. It was very convenient and had all the information available. Furthermore, it allowed people to download any of the forms that they needed, whether to register a new birth, apply for a copy of their certificate, or make changes to their current birth certificate either since there were typos or any other reason. When it comes to applying for a birth certificate beyond the dates mentioned or as an adult, there are a couple of challenges, like gathering the additional documents or paying the late fees.

If an applicant wanted to coordinate the entire process through the website, they could always fill out the online forms and upload them. The website would then have everything verified at their end and inform the individual on when they would receive their certificate. The website is user friendly, which means that anyone without an understanding of the internet can go through it and apply for anything that they want. Additionally, it even works on their phones so people can get this done through their phone without having to need some intense tech knowledge. The Indian Government is hoping that this would be the step that they need to increase the number of people registering the births of their children.

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