The complete beginner’s guide to Call of Duty-Warzone

The talk of the hour, Call of Duty: Warzone, is a favorite among all gameaholics. It is an exciting multiplayer game that merges Call of Duty’s unique FPS gunplay with the thrilling Battle Royale genre.

If you are equally thrilled by COD: Warzone and want to play like all pro players, you have landed in the right place. As a beginner, players often struggle with the game’s tactics and tips; this is where guides like this come to the rescue. This beginner’s guide will introduce you to all the tried and tested tips to play COD: Warzone.

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Increase your sensitivity

If you want to win COD: Warzone, you will need higher sensitivity. A lot of newbies make the mistake of setting the sensitivity to as low as 3 to 5, which is very slow for the game.

A sensitivity between 7 to 10 is an ideal choice as it will help you switch between enemies in seconds and scan the environment. After playing in this range for some time, you can increase the sensitivity up to 15 but don’t exceed this, otherwise it will only make your game worse.

Navigate the map

While you land on the map, make sure to land on the named areas. These named spots are known as points of interest and most often will provide you with adequate squadmates and loot.

If you land in areas heavily crowded with people fighting, take a detour and find lonely unnamed areas. You can search for houses and other complexes to get gears for the game.

To land in your preferred areas, you will have to be an expert with the parachute. You should know how to control the speed and when to land. Keep in mind that, after the first landing, you need to manually handle the parachute to land safely.

Get custom loadouts

The loadouts you get from the supply boxes are not enough to win the game. If you want to advance in COD: Warzone, try to get loot crates and choose your custom loadout.

A custom loadout also allows you to make it whatever you want. Loadouts like SMG (MP7 or MP5) and snippers like Kar98 and AX50 will help you destroy your enemies from a long range.

Be careful with your movements

If you want to survive in the city of Verdansk, you need to be careful about your movements. You have to follow four basic foot movements such as crawling, sprinting, jumping, and sliding.

Crawling will help you hide in nearby bushes and other covers. You can take a good shooting position while crawling. Sprinting is not considered a very safe move as it puts you at the risk of getting hit by nearby enemies. Don’t rely on sprinting a lot and practice only when necessary.

When you need to cross a wall or traverse a window, you will have to jump to cross the obstacle. Moreover, sliding helps you with quick repositioning to get cover during a fight. But keep in mind that sliding will only happen after an initial sprint.

Choose your equipment carefully

You will find two categories of equipment in COD: Warzone- lethal and tactical. Standing by their names, the lethal weapons are to destroy your enemies, and the tactical ones are for finding your enemies, confusing them, or distracting them.

Frag grenades, claymore, C4, cocktail, Molotov, throwing knives, semtex, thermite, etc., are some of the lethal weapons. Likewise, heartbeat sensors, flash grenades, smoke grenades, stun grenades, stim, decoy grenades, etc., are the tactical equipment.


Looting is an unavoidable part of COD Warzone. Don’t only focus on items lying on the ground but keep an eye on supply boxes too. These boxes can give you ammo, guns, and money.

Keep a stock of all the weapons and money you loot. The money will help you get advanced gear, which is quite necessary to win the game. So loot as much as possible.

Get weapons from buy station

The buy station has stocks of all required equipment. Use your loot money to get advanced ammunition to step ahead in the game.

But buying stations also involves risk factors. As a permanent spot in the game, all enemies know the buy station, and they might be waiting to attack you. So be careful before you go for a purchase.


Here is a round-up of the beginners’ guide to COD Warzone. If you are just starting to play, make sure to apply these tips to last longer in the game. For more such posts, stay connected to our site. For any more COD related queries, leave a comment below.

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