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The difference between a home decorator and an interior designer

Home decorators and interior designers are two professions that most people have a hard time differentiating. However, there is one very important difference between these two professionals: Home decorators work on the inside of your house, whereas an interior designer works on both the inside and outside of homes. So if you need help with designing your living room or bedroom or even redecorating your entire home, you should definitely hire a home decorator! If you just want to dive into the world of Interior Design, you can check Home Design Institute web page and even take their Interior Design Fundamentals free course.

A home decorator typically works on a single room or area of the house

Home decorators do not have the training that is required to address all aspects of interior design, so they might call in an expert for assistance. Home decorators work with homeowners and designers who need help getting their project done right. They can be hired to oversee installation as well as provide advice and guidance about furnishings. A home decorator may also offer staging services by dressing up rooms with furniture and accessories appropriate for the prospective buyer’s taste while also helping stage a vacant property for sale. Home Decorators are often called, when you want to make one room perfect without having it impact other areas of your home.

An interior designer may work with other professionals to create an entire plan for the house

An interior designer is a professional who can help you create an entire plan for your home, in order to make it more beautiful and functional. An interior designer may work closely with other professionals such as architects or builders to design the layout of your house, and they could also offer renovations that improve space within your property. This process can include everything from decorating rooms to selecting furniture pieces, or choosing paint colors based on color schemes already established by the homeowner. Interior designers are usually tasked with making sure everything fits together harmoniously while still being personalized for each individual client’s taste preferences, budget considerations and needs.

Home decorators can be hired by homeowners and do not need any formal education or training

Home decorators may, or may not be licensed and can often work on a project basis, which is why they are more affordable than an interior designer. Home decorators specialize in furniture placement and color schemes, while taking into consideration what the homeowner wants to achieve with their space. They don’t necessarily have to have formal design training but many times will try to make suggestions for spaces that haven’t been designed yet because of how much time clients spend with them during their projects. A home decorator’s main goal is making homes functional, beautiful and comfortable, so this means adding items like window treatments or rugs that provide privacy as well as character.

Interior designers must have at least two years of experience in order to become licensed 

Apart from what they learned from their courses in interior design, the required two years of experience will cover a variety of disciplines, such as design and management, project management, space planning and organisation, building information modelling (BIM), construction administration for various types of projects including commercial office buildings, hotels and sports stadiums. Interior designers can choose from one or more specialties within their discipline. A qualified interior designer will understand the interplay between architecture/building codes that regulate how you use a given space; client needs who are usually not experts on “interiors”; engineering principles like sound insulation that affect people’s everyday lives; local zoning laws which may require certain common spaces to be set aside for different uses; etc.

The average salary of a home decorator

The average salary of a home decorator is around $52,500. This amount can vary, depending on the industry and location. For example, those in more expensive markets like New York will make up to an average of $69,000 while those in less expensive areas are likely to earn no more than $35,000 annually. (The text is based on research in U.S. and Europe)

Interior designer average salary

The average salary for an interior designer is $61,000. That doesn’t mean that all designers are making that kind of money though. The median wage for a professional decorator in the U.S., according to Designers and Decorators Association (DDA), is closer to $42,500 annually as of 2015 – but don’t forget about their expenses! That number also includes freelancers who may not be earning anything close to the DDA’s estimate if they’re operating on smaller budgets or going solo without any employees at all.

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