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The Different Types of Interior Doors, Explained

What hangs around all day but moves to the side when you walk in the room? You give up? As you continue reading, it’ll all become clear.

But if you look around right now you may see at least one in every room.

Today we’re talking about the different types of interior doors. So whether you build or renovate a home, you can consider your options for passage doors. Also, you can use Sliding Door Hardware that are easy to install and hardly need any maintenance whatsoeve.

Interior Door Specifications

The standard door is at least 80 inches tall. And the opening has anywhere between 24 to 48 inches of clearance. The larger door widths meet ADA door guidelines for handicap accessibility.

When you want the best interior doors, look for ones made of solid wood. They offer more customizable options for added aesthetic appeal. And their durability, energy efficiency, and sound resistance reduce expenses.

The true beauty of interior doors is in their style. Barn doors remain popular among homeowners. But louvre doors, sliding doors, and customer swinging doors grab their attention too.

Louvered Doors

You’re likely asking yourself, “What are louvre doors?” It’s a style of door with horizontal blades (louvres) instead of solid panels. Of all the different types of interior doors, they provide the most ventilation.

Many people install louvre doors for use in utility rooms. But full-length louvre doors also add uniqueness to closets, pantries, and bedrooms. You can have the louvres installed fixed or movable to open and close.

Since louvre doors offer versatility, try customizing them to complement the room. Sliding louvre doors can change the look of your living room patio doors. Swinging louvre doors, aka saloon doors, can add character to your kitchen.

Louvre doors come in varying lengths. So they can also give you the privacy needed in some areas of the home.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors save space in a room by sliding left and right instead of swinging in or out of the room. A barn door is one sliding door option. Customized sliding louvered doors are an alternative.

Besides saving space, glass panel sliding doors let in natural sunlight. Some people question security when it comes to sliding doors. But there are many recommendations that provide an easy fix and the safety you need.

Custom Swinging Doors

Swing doors offer versatility too in that they can swing inward or outward. Swing doors have simple hardware, as they’re installed on hinges you can replace. That makes them easy to maintain and last longer than sliding doors.

Custom swinging doors offer a style comparable to sliding doors. And because they’re custom, you can buy them in varied sizes. Swinging doors are less expensive to buy and have installed.

Different Types of Interior Doors Add Style

Don’t neglect your doors when building or renovating your home. They do more than hang around; they add style to every space. So consider the different types of interior doors when making your selections.

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