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The Institute of Structural Engineers and Their Influence On The Industry

Who are the Institute of Structural Engineers?

Established in 1908 originally as the Concrete Institute, driven by Edwin Sachs, a small group of trained professionals gathered to discuss their thoughts and impact on the community. Following expansion to include all areas within the industry, evolution to the Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE) began in 1922. Over the last century, the institute have developed their goals and methods of practice. As expected, through societal changes, the interests of the institute have had to change in order to meet the demands of time. However, throughout history one goal has remained at the heart of the industry, the education to the masses of the importance of structural engineering.

How do the Institute of Structural Engineers define their craft?

For those with little to now understanding of the construction industry, structural engineering may be a unknown. Yet, as with every part of construction, there are specialist fields that each have their own area of focus. The Institute of Structural Engineers defines their craft as assisting in the creation of structures, employing precise centroid calculations to ensure the finished products work well in practice. In order to successfully complete your role as a structural engineer you need to master three key skills, design, safety and problem solving. Through these three areas it is the responsibility of the engineer to assist in designing projects that are strong, stable and safe for use.

What environment do the IStructE promote?

The Institute of Structural Engineers have worked diligently over the years to build a reputation for the industry. Highlighting the importance of trained, experienced structural engineers. In order to gain such a reputation a lot of work has gone into the promotion of their goals and values. The IStructE aim to share knowledge, promote the industry and uphold standards worldwide. Setting a global benchmark for standards they work to ensure technical excellence within all communities.

In addition to the promotion of high standards throughout their practice, the IStructE also live by a specific code of conduct. The Institute of Structural Engineers pride themselves and their members on their reputation. Therefore, there is the need to uphold said reputation, act with integrity and show regard to the public interest. Moreover, be willing to consciously broaden your competence, exercise appropriate skill and avoid conflicts of interest where possible. Through the practice of these values, the IStructE work hard to promote the hard work and dedication that goes into their work.

The Benefits of Joining the Institute of Structural Engineers

There are multiple benefits available to those who decide to pursue a membership with the Institute of Structural Engineers. Firstly, you will find that once you are a member, recognition of your professional competence is greatly increased. Employers will recognise IStructE members as being masters of their craft, therefore a worthy addition to their team. Leading into the next benefit, a route to opportunity. With you being more employable, you will find many more opportunities available to you. This could be work close to home, or it could mean the option to travel. Then you need to consider this as a benefit in itself, the membership is available worldwide. This means, wherever you go, your skills will be recognised.

Finally, one of the best benefits for working in construction, the ability to showcase your work. There is nothing quite like seeing a finished product, and yours will be on display for thousands to see. Becoming a member of the Institute of Structural Engineers will help teach you to become the best version of working self, promoting pride and confidence.

More about structural engineering and the IStructE

If you are a new face to the industry, or still weighing up your career options I would highly recommend doing your research prior to application. Many institutes across the world offer extensive training courses and resources that will further educate you on the role of a structural engineer. The College of Contract Management, a UK based college specialising in construction and engineering have a very helpful blog available. Through their experience and training they provide information on the industry and can help you form a prior understanding to the topics you may need to study.

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