The Magical Inventions Of Science And Technology

The Magical Inventions Of Science And Technology

Humans, apart from being the highly developed and evolved organisms on the planet are also curious by nature. For a long time, humans have been curious to know about the mysteries of nature and our universe.

This curiosity has led the people to develop and invent various things that seemed impossible once. People studied nature and came up with mathematics and the fundamental sciences to be able to understand the fundamental laws and concepts that our world works upon.

Developments in the field of science and technology have given us many answers about nature, it has made it possible for people to move around with phones as small as the size of a palm, it has also made it possible to send digital designs anywhere in the world and led to an increase in the reach of the 3d printing market.

Let’s see what else we have got from technology and some amazing inventions that still seem like a dream:



This has been one of the most rewarding discoveries of humankind. Since people came to discover facts about electromagnetic waves, they figured that satellites could be used for communication with anyone around the world.

No matter where sending and receiving the information has never been easier and more efficient. Not only has the internet allowed us to communicate with people around the world in a matter of seconds, but it has also lowered the cost that goes into communication on a global scale.

This has led the people to connect without the limitations imposed by the physical barriers of distance. It has made the world a big family and various groups of people sharing common interests enjoying a deep connection.



When people discovered the printing press and the idea of printing on paper, books and manuscripts came about. A huge amount of information could be communicated through printing techniques.

Recent discoveries of technology and clever use of coding on computers allowed people to now be able to print 3d models through a digital instructions file. The 3d printing technique  has developed various items and is even used for constructing buildings nowadays.

3d printing technique works on an additive manufacturing process which means that various layers of the specified materials are used to build a 3d model of a digital file that is generally very descriptive.

This has various benefits over subtractive techniques which carve out the desired objects from a piece of the desired material. It leads to lesser waste and is more convenient. It is predicted that the 3d printing services market size will reach up to 41 billion dollars in the coming 6-7 years.



A better understanding of what matter is made of tells us about the existence of atoms. After many years of research, scientists came to know about the electrons and nucleus of the atom.

The nucleus of the atom is a densely packed very small structure made up of protons and neutrons. Every element has a different number of protons and this is the basic chemical distinction between various elements found in nature.

After more studies, scientists discovered that it was possible to create huge amounts of energy through chemical processes in which the nucleus undergoes some changes.

There are two ways to harness nuclear energy. In the process of chemical fission, a heavier nucleus splits into smaller fragments of lighter nuclei thus changing a heavier element into more than one small one.

Another chemical process is nuclear fusion. This process is responsible for generating huge amounts of energy in stars like our sun. In nuclear fusion, two smaller nuclei join together and chemically fuse to form a heavier nucleus.

Today, it is possible to harness nuclear energy through fission and the process creates a large amount of energy that can easily sustain our energy needs and we can limit exhausting the natural resources for the same.


Even though technology has been a boon to us, we cannot deny that there have also been various harmful effects of the recent developments in science and its applications.

Extensive use of the internet seems to have a bad effect on mental health, especially for the young generation these days. Social media and internet surfing are two examples of addictions people indulge in.

Nuclear energy has been very useful but no one can forget its most dangerous effects earlier in history. The two major bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki damaged a lot of lives and since these are radioactive reactions, there are still many repercussions of the unfortunate incident.


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