Attractive Traits A Woman

The Most Attractive Traits A Woman Can Have

No, it’s not the peaches, ladies. It’s something else. Physical beauty is important, and you should take care of it. At a first glance, many think it’s the outside that attracts the opposite sex. And while that’s true in some sense, it doesn’t keep partners for too long. You have to cultivate inner qualities that have nothing to do with your appearance.

Remember, a well-rounded woman is an attractive person. A lot of people will run away if they spot that there is not much else you can bring to the table, and rightly so. Who wants to be with a person they don’t want to? Perhaps reading the last sentence a couple of times will help you understand it. Sorry, not sorry. That’s the truth, and you wouldn’t want to be with a person who is kept by looks. That means that they are shallow as well…


If a person can’t take care of himself, of any sex, that’s highly off-putting. There are many reasons for that, some more covert, and other explicit ones such as the biological desire to have a healthy partner. This of course applies to looks as well, but we aren’t talking about that today. Instead, let’s focus on how you take care of yourself mentally.

Do you have daily rituals that help you keep your sanity in check? Positive self-talk? Have you worked on getting rid of anxiety and other neurotic behaviors? Now, you don’t have to become the president of your country to appear confident. That would be bonkers. Instead, it’s important to notice how you act in your day-to-day life. The little actions count, and swag, unless excessive, is highly attractive. Everyone wants to be confident, and being around a self-assured personality helps quite a bit. Yeah, even confident men like confident women. It’s not a one-way street.

Self-care also means self-love. And when you love yourself, chances are you are a positive person. Positive people are attractive for the same reason confident people are. Humans just love being around cheerful homo-sapiens. These rules work all over the world.

For example, the Japanese are a nation known for highly self-doubting and anxious individuals. That means they have to work extra hard at it for improvement. Wonder how they do that? Check out a read on a local website It’s an easy translation with a few clicks in your Chrome. Or Safari. Or whatever the remaining two percent of Earth’s population use. We still love you, don’t worry. No judgment.

Passion, Focus, Enthusiasm, You Name It

Lame people are kind of… lame. This intertwines with positivity a lot but deserves a section of its own. What people inspire you? These are the same people that inspire those around you. An individual who has a burning desire, or a spark within them, is much more attractive than a dull person who doesn’t know why he wakes up in the morning. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme unless that’s where your passion lies!

If you love plants, you do you! Take care of them, name them, multiply your cactus collection, it’s all good. Do you have plans? Well, what do you love? To be an energetic person, you have to put your energy into something. Have you noticed that some folks just have an amazing vibe around them? That could be you! You just have to manifest the vibrations inside of you.

Everyone loves something. You don’t know what you are passionate about? Try things. There are a million different things waiting right out the door. Or, if you are highly introverted, you can find your passion within the realm of your home. It’s all good. Now, being passionate about living like a couch potato doesn’t count. That’s not exciting, not good for anyone, and is majorly unattractive. Unless you do it once in a while, then you have the greenlights. Who doesn’t love to take a break and just chill from time to time?

Sense Of Humor, Acronym For Knowing How To Laugh

Having a stone-face may look cool for a while, but if that’s all you’ve got trouble. Being serious around your partner or anyone else you are close with, means that, well, you aren’t that close. You would be surprised how quickly someone can go from being serious to goofy around you if they like you. Having a comical side will earn you a couple of major points. You like jokes, they like jokes, it’s a win-win. Want to develop your jocularity? Click here.

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