Sleep Apnea- Pillow Buying Guide

The Prevention Measures For Obstructive Sleep Apnea- Pillow Buying Guide

Prevention is the best form of treatment for sleep apnea. But, if left untreated, it can worsen the condition. That’s why it is always best to be well informed before trying out any prevention measures. One of the best prevention measures for sleep apnea is pillow buying. Here, in this article you will learn how to choose a perfect pillow for sleep apnea.

There are three types of sleep disorders- central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, and mixed sleep apnea. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea, where the airflow gets blocked in the upper airway. The leading cause of this disorder is associated with the weight of the head or neck.

  • So, the first thing one needs to do is to lose weight. If your head/neck is heavy, the airway is narrowed, making it easier for air to be blocked. Losing weight is the first step in preventing obstruction due to weight in sleeping.
  • Second step is to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. These substances relax the muscles around the throat and tongue. When these muscles relax, the airway becomes less blocked. But, some people find it challenging to give up smoking and drinking. So, it is better to ask for assistance from your doctor.
  • Third step in preventing sleep apnea disorder is to increase the amount of oxygen intake by 10%. This is possible by practicing breathing exercises while you are sleeping. Also, you can take medications that will relax your throat muscles. The use of nasal sprays is also helpful in reducing snoring during sleep. This is especially helpful to people who snore with their mouths wide open.
  • The fourth step is to avoid eating right before going to bed. Snoring occurs because the food passes through the airways before they are fully digested and expelled at night. If this process happens, there is an obstruction on the airways. And when airways get blocked, snoring occurs. So, it is advisable to avoid food and drink before going to bed. Or, if you must eat or drink immediately after sleeping, do so very slowly and gently.
  • The fifth step is to make sure that you are resting on a firm sleeping surface. Some people tend to sleep on their back. So, sleeping on a firm mattress will not only keep you from getting a herniated disc but also keep your spine aligned, and your neck muscles relaxed. It would help if you also slept on polyfoam wedge pillows to keep your neck and spine aligned.

Of course, knowing the above tips is only the beginning. You also have to understand how to take care of yourself properly. And one of the ways on how to prevent having obstructed airways during sleep is by taking care of yourself physically. Pillow buying can help give you ideas on how to take care of yourself physically so you will not have problems obstructing airways during sleep.

Pillow Buying Guide For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which you stop repeatedly breathing during sleep. This happens due to the collapsible soft tissue of your upper respiratory tract that is generally made of soft tissues like polystyrene and fatty tissues. The airway is obstructed by these soft tissues when you sleep on your back. So, pillows for sleep apnea are essential since the tissue can keep the airway open. Obstructive sleep apnea has multiple causes. One cause is the excessive lifting of the head while sleeping; this can happen because of the bed wedge or the used pillow. Other causes are being overweight, sleeping on your side rather than your back, sleeping with the tongue located away from the throat and neck, and sleeping on your stomach. Since the airway gets partially obstructed when you sleep with your mouth open, the most natural thing would be to close your mouth and move your tongue forward. This will prevent the airway from getting partially obstructed.

  • Having the right pillow for sleep apnea problems will reduce the stress on your neck and spine, as well as improve your level of comfort and quality of sleep. Some pillows are specially designed to provide support to your neck and spine while sleeping. They provide proper support to your head and neck while keeping your weight as close as possible to your body.
  • There are various types of pillows for sleep apnea problems. One type is the corner pillow, which provides proper support to your head while lying on your back. Another one is a teardrop pillow that is perfect for those who are overweight. You can also find pillows designed to provide proper support to your midsection as you sleep.
  • When choosing a pillow for sleep apnea, you have to consider factors like the pillow’s size, firmness, and firmness. The perfect one for you will depend on the size of your head and the size of your sleeping area. If you want something comfortable, then you need to find a pillow that is soft and hypoallergenic. If you want something that provides proper support to your neck and spine while you sleep, then a neck pillow for the back will do the trick. However, if you have an obstructed airway while you sleep, you can use an oral appliance device to treat your sleep apnea problem. Oral appliances, which are custom made, treat both the upper and the lower airway during your sleep.

Proper mattresses and duvets, and comforters also help in dealing with issues like sleep apnea and snoring. But ensure that you have the appropriate duvet and comforter sizes, or you won’t have the comfort that you desire.


If you are interested in buying an oral appliance for sleep apnea problems, you will need to know more about it first. Oral appliances are devices that are specially designed to provide support to the jaw and the tongue during sleep. This prevents obstructions from happening and gives you a peaceful sleep. If you want to buy an oral appliance for sleep apnea, you will need to visit your doctor first. You will be provided with the option of either getting a portable appliance or a permanent one.

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