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The Retro Gaming Handheld Journey

For aficionados of classic gaming, the allure of vintage consoles like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong is undeniable. Yet, finding one in good working order can be costly and challenging.

China has been putting out varied retro gaming consoles for some time now. While initial attempts weren’t so great, with screens and controls often falling short, recent attempts from brands like Odroid and Anbernic have revolutionised retro handheld gaming.

Now, enthusiasts can relive PlayStation classics and beyond, a feat once requiring a large console and TV. From the iconic Nintendo 64 to the nostalgic NES and Sega Master System, the retro gaming landscape is bursting with inspiration for console design.

Anbernic, in particular, has excelled in capturing the essence of retro gaming, Some of the Anbernic handheld consoles are reminiscent of Game Boy and Sega designs. Featuring high-quality IPS and OLED displays, coupled with responsive D-Pads and Joypads, these devices breathe new life into classics like Street Fighter, Galaga and Pac-Man.

Anbernic’s ascent to becoming one of the premier retro handheld manufacturers was a gradual journey that commenced in 2005. However, it wasn’t until 2019, with the debut of the 350 and 351P models, that Anbernic truly started to gain widespread recognition and exposure, marking a pivotal moment in its history.

From humble beginnings, the journey for Anbernic began with the 350P, boasting a clean interface powered by OpenDingux. Beyond robust hardware, the pivotal element in Anbernic’s rise lay in its embrace of open-source software, echoing the ethos of classic gaming eras. This approach empowered the community to refine and enhance initial software releases, reminiscent of the collaborative spirit of retro gaming communities.

Building upon this foundation of openness, the 351P emerged, leveraging RetroArch and receiving support from bespoke firmware like ArkOS and 351Elec. This strategic move propelled Anbernic to new heights, garnering acclaim from both the company and the retro gaming community.

By repurposing older chips originally employed in mobile phones, Anbernic crafted affordable yet capable hardware, ensuring an optimal retro gaming experience for enthusiasts without breaking the bank.

This relationship has flourished, with Anbernic’s Linux-based consoles appealing to both casual and tech-savvy gamers. While novices enjoy seamless plug-and-play experiences, enthusiasts revel in the freedom to customize and explore.

With newer models embracing Linux and Android, along with touchscreens, the landscape of emulation expands to include indie titles and apps, blurring the lines between eras.

For those seeking a premium experience without breaking the bank, Anbernic’s Windows-based WIN600 offers access to modern games and the Batocera OS, unlocking endless possibilities.

By adding features like WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI connectivity to newer consoles, before you know it your streaming games from your PC or playing multiplayer showdowns.

With an array of designs, materials, screen sizes, and control options, there’s a handheld to suit every preference and budget, from sturdy plastic models for kids to sleek alloy units for discerning gamers.

With a large range of diverse consoles that overlap in features and performance you have options such as the RG351P, RG351V, RG351M, RG351MP, RG353P, RG353M, RG353V, RG503, RG552, RG35XX, RG35XX  PLUS, RG35XXH, RG ARC, RG505, RG405, RG405V, RG556, WIN600 and so on it can quickly become quite confusing.

While navigating the plethora of Anbernic consoles can be daunting. Thankfully, the community provides ample resources and reviews on platforms like Reddit and YouTube, simplifying the decision-making process for prospective buyers.

We encourage you to embark on your retro gaming journey and rediscover the magic of classic gaming in the palm of your hand.

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