Businesses Are Using Animations

The Top 7 Ways Businesses Are Using Animations In The Modern World

The word animation has been around for nearly a century now. Over the years, the way of engaging and persuading the audience has dramatically evolved, and animations were seen playing a critical role in the overall evolution.

Since their inception back in 1908, animations have been applauded and loved by the audience so, it is safe to say that they’ve been pretty near and dear to the audience.

One of the best animation company in NYC and the world, “Disney,” has been leveraging this medium to create a fortune so big that it rivals some of the biggest names in the media industry today.

The point is that there’s something going on here that marketers and businesses need to understand in order to truly stand out from the crowd.

They need to understand the usage of animations in different business sectors to better market their product and to stand as the innovative one in any specific niche.

The growing usage of animations in the digital and physical world is all set to revolutionize the industry and create another great challenge for businesses in terms of who is conveying the message to the audience meaningfully and engagingly.

So, whether it’s the technology sector, the education world, or the financial world, animations just happen to be the best way to attract, delight and engage the audience, and this blog is especially about that.

Today, I’m going to tell you the top 7 ways businesses are using animations in the modern world. So, without any further ado, let’s start exploring.

1.  Entertainment

Perhaps one of the biggest industries that leverage animations are the entertainment industry. As mentioned earlier, animations have been around for almost a decade now, and the first time they were used, the purpose was to entertain the audience.

This purpose is still applied to this date, and animations just happen to be everywhere. Let it be your TV sets, phones, or the internet, animations have become an integral part of the entertainment industry.

This logic is specially applied when it comes to entertaining the children as animations are funny, engaging, tend to make the children laugh, and more. Programs such as Hercules, Tom and Jerry, and Frozen are some of the well-known animated programs that entertain not only children but adults too.

Therefore, animations are not just important, but they’re necessary for several entertainment studios to engage, entice and entertain their audiences.

Additionally, this engagement through animations generates millions and billions of dollars of revenue for the entertainment studios

2.  Advertisement

Advertisement is necessary for businesses to get more sales, exposure, revenue, traffic (for digital brands), and much more today. Considering the fact that many companies today are continually competing with each other to deliver outstanding customer experience, leveraging animations in ads might just be the key to helping businesses break the conventional experience delivering clutter by innovating the process.

There are several examples of some of the biggest companies out there that are harnessing the power of animations to engage and persuade their audience. From explaining a sophisticated product to assisting the audience in understanding a specific service, animations are being used for many purposes nowadays.

Businesses like Google, Apple, Slack, HubSpot, and more are some examples of the businesses that are using animations to attract their audience. Whether the goal is to make the audience play a game or buy a product, the myriad usage of animations aids in fulfilling the purpose and bring in positive results.

3.  Education

We all saw in 2020 when the world shut down due to the now-infamous coronavirus. It was during this time that several students suffered a lot due to delayed classes, no way to attend school, and education just paused for a while back then.

However, quickly educational institutes started leveraging animations to teach the students lessons, explaining sophisticated topics, and much more.

I pretty much knew this was going to happen simply because of the fact that the human brain processes visuals faster than text. Hence, leveraging animations to explain various topics was the best hope of educating the students while they were learning from home.

Furthermore, this was not the only way in which animations were leveraged by the educational institutions. Animations were also used to help the students on the young side, like kindergartners, to learn easily while being attracted to the vibrant colors making it easier for them to digest the information.

4.  Simulations

Simulations are the most widely used method of testing a weapon, training, educating, and carrying out many tasks. They’re even used in the army and military for training soldiers without spending money on various equipment.

The outstanding trait of simulations helping humans avoid disastrous outcomes by initiating the project in real life has made it an integral part of several organizations. This advantage of simulation also tends to save lives and resources in the long run.

Furthermore, a great example of simulation would be that; Organizations such as NASA leverage simulations based on animations to predict the landing of a rocket.

5.  Scientific visualization

People mostly don’t know about this, but even science uses animations for research and study purposes. Yes! You heard me, science uses animations and not only for research or study also for creating functional mechanical models or 3D diagrams or real-life simulations, and much more.

Animations are the perfect way to predict the process or effects of an experiment; therefore, they can foretell the outcome of it based on what would happen if the research, experiment, or test is implemented in real life.

So, where do animation and science meet exactly? Well, a great example of their connection would be the X-ray that doctors use to get a perfect look at your bones.

6.  Creative Art

Creative arts is yet another field that uses the help of animations to get the presentation of various diagrams correctly perceived by the viewers.

There are times when a subject feels boring; in these situations, animations can be used to get the topic across the class while teaching the audience a thing or two about putting their creativity to use.

7.  Gaming

The gaming industry leveraging animations is the most obvious use of animation on this list. Just think about it, what are games all about? Thrilling graphics and amazing visuals? How does a company create such graphics? By leveraging animations, of course!

Literally, everything in a game, from modeling, texturing, rigging to lighting, characters, scenes, all is done by professionals with the help of animations.

Over To You

The above-mentioned agency leveraging animations are just the tip of the ice being. There are several other business niches that utilize animations in various different ways to make the process easier and the results ‘fruitful.’

However, for now, here’s a nutshell version that has helped you realize the viability and myriad usage of animation in the modern world.

These businesses have adapted to animation, and there seems to be no way that they’re ever going to stop using animations because animations are super-engaging, multi-purpose, and a future-proof medium that is rapidly growing.

Furthermore, if your business belongs to any one of the industries mentioned above, be sure to leverage animations to the fullest for your brand.

Just Google if you’re not sure how you can use animation for your brand, and I’m sure you’ll find some pretty interesting facts, stats, and innovators who are already leveraging animations.

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