Designing a Country Inspired Bedroom

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Country Inspired Bedroom

Country style immediately reminds one of a rustic and cozy setting. Not overwhelmingly bright and loud, but colorful and elegant. This kind of décor is mellow, laidback, and relaxing, exactly the kind of aura you need in a bedroom to relax after a long day. From the furniture to the linen, the wall paint to the flooring, country-style decor has a warm and welcoming nature, and it might just be what you need to turn your house into a home.

This kind of décor is extremely versatile and there are different approaches that you could take depending on your taste. Country style décor does not have to be old-school. You could even add a few modern elements to it and make it chicer. In order to perfect such a look, there are various aspects that you have to consider, like lighting, paint, furniture, flooring, and linen. Each and every component is essential to nail the ambiance.

Read on to find out the things you need to keep in mind when designing a country-inspired bedroom.

What Kind of Country Décor Suits You Best?

Country style décor includes various interior styles. These vary based on the setting preferences, like from country cottage to farmhouse, as well as the geographic location, like English Country to French County. Although they all have the same basic essence, the overall impact can be substantially different. Before you start decorating your country inspired bedroom, it is important to decide which style and setting you like the most. Deciding on the overall theme can help give direction to your ideas and make them more cohesive.

Selecting the Furniture

The furniture ties the room together. The kind of furniture, how you pair it, and where you place it, can have a big impact on the feeling of space and roominess in your bedroom. For a country-themed bedroom, wooden furniture is a good choice and if naturally aged, it really does the trick. Overstuffed armchairs with fluffy and patterned pillows, plush mattresses with warm linen, and a rug add warmth to the room. The experts suggest using fur rugs to give your room a cozy country feel. Another nice touch would be a nice wooden reading desk and a potted plant on the windowsill. Maybe, a four-poster bed, if that is in line with your taste. The essence of country style décor lies in wooden furnishing that exudes a relaxed lifestyle rather than a formal one.

Your furniture pieces need not even be from the same set or homogeneous in style. An assortment of different styles would only add to the charm. Different styles of furniture are hard to mix-match, but if done so correctly, it will make the house downright interesting. This will help you not only create a theme for your house but also give it a personal touch.


When it comes to choosing linen, go with natural textiles and hand-woven cloth. Pillow covers with hand knit patterns, and bland bed linens and throws, or those with floral patterns would be a good choice. You can even use patterns and textures to enhance your theme setting. Silk with golden embossing for French country style, whereas cotton with a mellow pattern of trees and leaves, if you are going for an English setting.

Decorating the Walls

To create the right mood, it is important to paint the walls in the right colors. You could also use wallpapers with simple patterns. This also depends on the kind of country décor you want. For example, while for an English country-style décor white beige walls are the way to go, if you plan to have more of a French-style country décor, you may want to go with color-washed walls like sunset orange or sky blue against a wooden flooring. The color and pattern of your walls must also complement your floor. If budget is not an issue, you could also add tiles that resemble bricks to some parts of the walls and use faux wooden beams to decorate the ceiling. If you would rather go with a wooden finish, you could also decorate the walls with horizontal planks of pine wood.

Apart from deciding on the paint and pattern of your walls, you should also consider hanging up some paintings that go with the theme. For an English country theme, still life oil paintings or paintings of the countryside would be a welcome addition. But while doing all this, remember not to go overboard. Over-use of patterns in your rooms can make it look over the top and randomly put together. If you decide to use extensive patterns for one of the aspects of your room, don’t forget to tone it down in others.


Lighting is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of decorating your bedroom. For a country-themed décor, it is best to avoid bright white light bulbs and instead use yellow light sources with a warm tone. Copper fittings and copper bulb holders would be the icing on the cake. A simple chandelier would also complement the look of the room.

You should also be selective while choosing window curtains. Curtains made of natural fabrics like cotton or with basic patterns should be preferred. The curtains should not only blend perfectly with the room but should also give it a warm glow as the sunlight filters through them.


It is best to avoid a carpeted floor. While wooden (especially timber), stone, or terracotta flooring would be ideal, you could also use tiles that resemble wood or stone. You definitely need rugs in your country inspired bedroom, patterned or fur, and wooden flooring matches them perfectly.

Ornamental Decoration

This is where you bring out the flea-market shopper in you. Second-hand items should take precedence when it comes to selecting ornamental decorations for your country-inspired bedroom. You can easily search for unique ideas and find some inspirations on Pinterest and other internet sources. Baskets, wooden bowls, flower vases (even chipped), and other vintage items and second-hand accessories can add to the rustic charm. Dried or fresh flowers and potpourri can also add character to the room. Check out mini dried flowers for more rustic flower designs.

Getting the perfect country-style décor is all about making your bedroom laid back and cozy and using daily and every-day objects for decoration. It is less about using expensive furniture and designer wares, and more about giving it a character.

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