Things You Should Know About Best Gold Haram

Things You Should Know About Best Gold Haram

Jewellery is no doubt one of the most elegant accessories one can wear particularly a woman wearing on her most special day. An Indian bride can be recognized from far away from the grace and elegance brought in by the Jewellery items she’s wearing like gold haram, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much more.

We all know about the basic jewellery like the mentioned above, except for the speciality which is called ‘Haram’. This is a local name for a heavy necklace worn by a woman mostly on weddings.

What is Gold Haram?

Haram is mostly a heavy gold necklace with intricate designs and carvings which cannot be put in words. Due to its unique aesthetics, it’s almost impossible for a bride to not wear it, particularly in South India. It is one of the most Ideal and perfect jewellery for any woman who wishes to look extravagant and glamorous.

Why is Gold Haram So Precious to People in India?

Every person has different choices and likes, and the demand for these magnificent jewellery pieces is high. There have been numerous gold haram designs and varieties created by the artisans of Jewellery.

The gold haram is not just used for weddings, but special occasions such as religious ceremonies as well. That’s why you can find some designs carved with religious icons of gods and goddesses, however, it is to note that spiritual and religious people also wear these religious designs on weddings, and it definitely doesn’t diminish the style of the wearer.

Design for Every Occasion

With hundreds of designs out there, finding a perfect necklace can sometimes be a little difficult if you’re not aware what to look for; the design, the quality, price, and the type. We will here discuss a few of the most popular designs currently in trend:

  • Temple Haram Design

Carefully carved unique designs with iconic religious symbols are preferred by almost everyone, particularly religious people. These haram designs can have idols like Laxmi which is the symbol of wealth, strength, and knowledge.

  • Pearl Haram Design

Harams can be a single-chained necklace or multi-chained. And in multi-chained necklaces, there can be a hanging row of gold beads or pearls which gives it its name. These pearls or beads are attached to the necklace all around.

  • Antique Design for Traditional Wear

The traditional style of haram design is the most popular ones indicating the carving of unique craftsmanship. These can come with Lakshmi, Mango, Peacock, or any customized design.

  • Long Haram Necklace

These necklaces are longer than average in nature and usually rest on the dress over the chest area. The design can be a thin necklace with the gold beads and some unique ornament swinging loosely. An embellished religious icon may also be studded at the centre.

  • Gold Mini Haram Design

Gold mini haram designs are usually not too thick, nor too thin. Just between the two sizes and can be multilayered also. These are also tightly packed clusters of link chains which can stay close to your neck area. An additional link chain may have pearls or gold beads hanging from the sides.

These are just a few of the most popular designs. There are hundreds more and in addition, these can be easily customized as per your needs.

Which One Should I Choose?

Your selection completely depends on your choice, your marital status, height, neck style, and even your skin tone. There are numerous styles and designs which can suit you perfectly, so you might want to first explore the choices online. E.g. the choker designs will stay close to your length just above the collarbone while the princess length stays on your collarbone.


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