Pomodoro Technique

This Is How The Pomodoro Technique Can Make You More Productive

The Pomodoro Technique is an excellent form of organization and time management that can save you many sleepless nights.

Being productive is a dilemma between your dreams and your nightmares. As millennials, we are the generation of procrastination, and we are not good at finishing everything we start. A response to this inconvenience that stops our motivation, dedication, and perseverance is the creation and adoption of an organization method such as the famous Pomodoro Technique.

Like the Pomodoro Technique, there are many ways to organize yourself to be more productive, but the interesting thing about this one is the way it requires you to manage your time. Yes, the precious, expensive, delicious, and valuable time. And if you lack time on completing your papers there is also another way for you. You can start by reading the masterpapers review to get more information on the topic.

Who Invented The Pomodoro Technique

It was designed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. He was a student back then – and just like us: nerds who have made the blog a community – he desperately wanted to improve his study habits.

Basically, Cirillo determined that by dividing his work into short intervals of time, he concentrated better, and, in the end, he did not feel mental fatigue.

What Do You Need To Apply to The Pomodoro Technique?

To put it into practice you need certain tools, which are easy to use, such as:

A stopwatch: You can use the one on your smartphone. With it, you will control your rest and work times. But if you can get a physical one instead of a digital one, that’s better because it prevents you from having other kinds of distractions.

A task sheet: In case, if you are not one of those who use an agenda or Bullet Journal, you can find a notepad or notebook to write down the tasks of the day in a simple list.

A sheet for tasks that occur to you along the way: It is good that you have an extra sheet or space inside your notebook where you can write down other tasks or projects that you want to do but do not know when to start yet. It’s like being prepared for brainstorming. By the way, if you want to brainstorm which service to choose for delegating some of your paperwork, leistung-durch-schmerz.de might be the right place for finding solutions.

The Dynamics Of The Pomodoro Technique

This is the dynamics of the Pomodoro Technique, step by step:

  • The first thing you need to do is decide what tasks you want to do that day.
  • Write them on a sheet.
  • To start you must set your timer so that it rings in 25 minutes. This length of time is known as a pomodoro.
  • Now get to work without allowing yourself any interruptions. This means that you should turn off all electrical appliances and seclude yourself in your workspace.
  • Once the timer has announced that the 25 minutes have passed, you should take a break of about 5 minutes.
  • When you have completed at least four pomodoros; that is, about 100 minutes of hard work, you can take a longer break. This can be up to half an hour.
  • Mark how many pomodoros it took you to complete each task and then cross it off. This serves as a record to determine how many tasks you can complete per day and prioritize their complexity. And if you still don’t have enough time to complete everything com might help you with that.

Yes, so far it seems like a very strict method, but it really works. So, you must consider certain rules:

  • In case you have interruptions, that pomodoro no longer counts, so you have to start over.
  • When it’s your break, do it, even if you know it will only take a couple of minutes to complete the entire task. In this time your brain has already worked a lot and deserves to rest. You will have better ideas after the break to finish with a flourish.
  • During the break, avoid thinking about the task you have pending. You can have a glass of water, stretch, make yourself a coffee, or just lie on the sofa. If you are strong enough, you can check your social networks and get used to not spending more than 5 minutes on them.
  • The pomodoro is a unit of time of 25 minutes and this is indivisible, which means that you cannot work for 15 minutes and then do another 10.

Who Uses The Pomodoro Technique?

People who use this technique are usually those who have time to be in confined spaces and have many responsibilities. In addition to students, it helps writers, developers, lawyers, teachers, parents, film directors, and business managers.


The Pomodoro Technique is admittedly strict and difficult to adopt at first, but it can be useful when the situation calls for it. Use the method when you have complex or long tasks to complete in a short time since you probably already have habits that work better for you in other areas of life.

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