Cracked Phone Screen

This Is What to Do About a Cracked Phone Screen

Let’s face it; accidents happen. Whether you dropped your device or it slipped off a surface, you now have a cracked phone screen.

So, what do you do now?

There are options for you when you have a cracked screen, and here is a handy guide to help out with the best options possible.

Want to learn more? Then keep on reading. Here is the guide to what to do about a cracked phone screen.

Look at Your Insurance Options

If your device is newer, you may have insurance that can cover your device’s display in the case of accidental drops.

Retailers like Apple, Best Buy, and even carrier stores offer insurance if you purchase through them. Though the prices can vary, most insurance repairs only require you to pay a deductible instead of the repair’s full price.

In most cases, the deductible can cost between $30-$50 for screen only damage. If the device has broken beyond that, it can vary.

Regardless of the deductible, the first thing to do when you break your phone screen is to look at your insurance options and see what can be done.

Get Your Phone Repaired at a Shop

If your device is not covered under the manufacturer or retailer’s insurance, you may want to opt for a repair shop.

Repair shops still have very skilled technicians, and usually are less expensive than paying out of warranty for a repair. For example, a repair place like Fruit Fixed offers a wide variety of repairs for many issues.

That way, you can have peace of mind that your cracked phone is in good hands.

Sell Your Broken Phone

If you don’t feel like jumping through the hoops of repair, you can always sell your cracked phone as-is for a smaller chunk of change.

If you were looking to upgrade anyway, it can take a little bit of money off and save you on repairs.

Use a Backup Phone

If you have a backup device, it may be the best time to use it.

If you are worried about broken screens hurting you while in use, you retire your current device and go back to an older one for the time being.

That way, if you choose to get your screen repaired, you won’t be without a phone.

Make Sure There Is No Other Damage

When you cracked your phone, there can sometimes be more impact than seen at first glance.

If you use your device with a broken screen, keep an eye out for any performance hiccups or hardware damage. Sometimes, drops can make phone bends or cause dents in the frame.

Additionally, some severe drops can lead to component damage, making it more difficult to repair.

All in all, it’s important to take care of your device before and after the drop to ensure that there is no further damage than cosmetics.

What to Do About Your Cracked Phone Screen

Here is the handy guide on what to do when you have a cracked phone screen. No matter the severity, these tips and tricks can help you repair, sell, or use your device with peace of mind.

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