Tips for the students before and during the proctored exam

With the global breakdown of COVID-19, online education has gained due importance.Nothing can stop the world from moving. No doubt schools, colleges are at a halt due to this pandemic situation, but this is a temporary halt. The government does not let students suffer their dreams and bright future and that’s why as per the government, the online exams are being conducted. These proctored exams are taken via software or via proctoring platform and the student needs to confirm their identity before proceeding to the exam.

This article highlights the various tips for the students that they need to remember before appearing and during an exam.

  1. Quiet space with good lighting- The first tip for the students appearing forthe proctored exam is that they should look for a clean, comfortable and quiet environment where no disturbance can hamper their test. The students will get three hours maximum to complete the test. That’s why it becomes important for the students to look at the place where they can easily focus on paper i.e. they could choose a study table or comfortable chair along with pillows, if necessary to sit comfortably while giving an exam. Also, make sure there should be no one else to distract them because your every move will be recorded and that might cancel your paper in a meanwhile.
  2. Setting up necessary equipment beforehand- Technical difficulties are likely to be seen when appearing for an online exam. No matter whether it’s your first time but before-hand you should test all the necessary equipment like microphone, webcam, software, etc. This will saves your time and you can easily focus on the exam without being worried. Therefore, to ensure everything works well in the right direction, make sure you should take necessary precautions before waiting for complexity to arise.
  3. Strong WiFi connection- The online exam is incomplete without an internet connection that means make sure you must possess a strong WiFi connection so that it may not put you in difficulty. The difficulty may arise if the internet connection stops working at the time of submission or at the time of downloading the question paper. To not incur this mistake between the exams, make sure internet connectivity is rightly available.
  4. Reading all rules and guidelines- You will get instructions and rules of attempting an exam before the actual start of an exam. The proctored platform helps to avoid cheating and if any student found cheating or found doing unfair or misleading acts through the exam then, the red flag would be raised. If in case they constantly get red flags throughout the exam, then the paper will be held cancelled. Other than this the few rules and guidelines of attempting proctored exam are-
  • No written material when doing the exam
  • Found sitting with relatives or family member will result in cancellation of the exam
  • Exceeding the limit of browsing can end the paper on the spot

Therefore, all these points should be kept in mind before occurring in an exam.

  1. No written paper- Once you get a question paper, you can download it and start answering the questions based on knowledge and skills. Try to avoid writing anything on paper because it is strictly not acceptable. Once you start the exam, the senior executive will monitor you throughout the exam. Try not to fool them else you will get a backlog or cancellation of the exam. Try to use your mental stamina to answer the questions without using paper. It is the chance to prove your mental ability and in case you found reading questions loudly then the proctor will stop you. So, if you don’t want that such problems may arise, then be patient and know every rule that is prohibited by them.
  2. Anticipate technical difficulties- In case you get with any error or any technical difficulty during an exam then make sure to not panic. As administrators, as well as the technical support team, will help you out. Don’t let minor technical difficulties get over you and you lose temper. The proctors are great in getting things resolved.
  3. Don’t spend too long on a question- The remote proctored exam has a time limit and you need to complete all the questions within that time framework. Therefore, it is advisable to not spend a long time guessing one single question. Instead of wasting too much time on one question move ahead and look for the one to not miss out on the questions. Whether it is your first-time attempt you need to more cautious while attempting the question paper.
  4. Try to put fewer accessories- The only reason for not wearing accessories during an exam is that the proctors do not want that anything blocks their face by any accessories like sunglasses, etc. They want everything smooth, concise, and do not want disturbance of jewelry like a bracelet while attempting an exam. These rules are made to avoid any kind of misunderstanding between the student and the administrator. Though before the start of an exam candidate authentication will be properly checked to know whether the person is original or in place some other student is appearing for an exam. The student is required to show the real face to the camera without putting on glasses to prove authenticity.
  5. Relax- No exams are easy and especially when an executive is watching you. Though it is difficult that adds to the pressure but try to get rid of your mind. No matter who is watching you, you should sit relax, breathe in, and breathe out and try to focus on your paper. Don’t let someone watching you affects your exam. Do best and give the best is the simple agenda to clear an exam with good percentage.

To conclude-

Remote proctoring allows the students to take an assessment at a remote location as per their convenience. The above mention tips are important for a candidate to clear the exams nicely without a halt. Therefore, the future is becoming digitalized and so do the conducting examination.


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