Indoor Bugs

Tips to Identify Indoor Bugs Effectively

A home is a refuge that must be protected from damage associated with wind, rain, and pests. The truth is that pests can live anywhere, and don’t get surprised when they invade your home. According to most Longview, WA pest exterminators, bugs appear in your home, car, backyard, and other parts of your home.

Entomologists estimate that there are about 5 million different species of insects. What’s more, there are approximately 10 quintillion bugs currently crawling, flying or hopping on the planet. This implies that you’re undoubtedly going to find bugs in your home. While not all bugs are harmful, it’s best to identify the insects in your home and get them exterminated by an expert. Here are bugs identification tips.

Where did you find the bugs?

Different insects hang in various locations of your property. For instance, you’re likely to find damp-seeking bugs in your bathroom, basement, and sometimes in the kitchen. Though carpenter ants prefer damp wood, you can also find these destructive insects near the doors, vents, and windows. Millipedes, centipedes, and silverfish are likely to invade your basement.

Do the insects have wings? And how many legs do they have?

Insects have six legs, millipedes have 60 to 180 legs, and spiders have eight legs. Whenever you spot a bug in your home, take a quick leg count. This will help in the identification process as it’s important to understand the specific bug infestation you’re up against. Determine whether or not the insects have wings. Note that some ants, beetles, and some stinging insects like wasps and bees have wings.

Take a photograph

Use your smartphone camera to snap a picture of the insects before you get rid of it. A clear photograph can help you or a pest exterminator to analyze the type of pests and create an effective control and prevention strategy.

Do an online search

When searching online, begin with the basic species and all unique identifying marks. For instance, if you were trying to identify a ladybug, search for an image for small, red beetles with spots. It’s also possible to narrow your search based on where you found the bugs and the number of legs. For instance, if you found a small spider on your indoor plants, you can use relevant search queries such as ‘tiny black spiders on indoor plants.’ Then, compare the online images with the actual photo of the bug. This way, you can easily find a match.

Seek a professional’s help

Once you have identified the bug infestation in your home, contact a reputable bug exterminator in your city. Sometimes, it’s not easy to accurately identify insects. Therefore, it’s best to get in touch with an expert who can perform a thorough property inspection, determine the specific bugs that have invaded your home, analyze the extent of the infestation, and then create a control strategy. This way, you can be sure you don’t have to worry about the damage associated with pest infestations.

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