Tom John Light

Tom John Light – Israeli Millionaire

If you have ever wondered what it is like to rise on the ladder of success everyday while giving back to the community, then Tom John Light can become an inspiration for you. He is a fashion and gambling tech enthusiast from Israel who has made a career out of what he is passionate about.

Staring Out in Life and Career

Tom John Light has used his knowledge to become a part of the most incredible organizations such as InfoSearch Media, Fashion TV, and a lot of online gambling platforms. Recently, he stopped working as the Vice President of SBTech, where he managed B2B Sales, B2B marketing, Partnerships, Acquisitions, and International Expansion for the organization.

Tom John Light – Israeli Millionaire is 32 now and is, without a doubt, an inspiration for many as he is living the much-deserved dream. He is now living in Bulgaria and manages a successful gambling technology platform. The reason why he has taken over the discussions nowadays is that he is using all his wealth for the upliftment of the orphans in a local community in Sofia.

When asked by a correspondent from News1, as to why he chose to live in Bulgaria, he said that it was his work that brought him here. SBTech is headquartered in Bulgaria and as the Vice President of the company; he was required to move here. SBTechs is, principally, a company that provides online platforms for gambling and sporting events. As the Vice President, Tom had introduced unbelievable changes in the technology offered by the organization. He integrated Blockchain technology into sports betting so that customers can safely make transactions using cryptocurrency.

However, with an intention to set up his own company for app development and gambling software, he left SBTech. Now, he runs his venture in Bulgaria with over 150 employees working under him.

For those who want to know how one can get appointed at such a senior position with a company so big, he believes that the key for him was that he started young. At the age of 19 he moved to Los Angeles to specialize in a company called InfoSearch Media. ISHM is a huge international e-marketing company with a customer base of internet giants such as eBay, Amazon, and many more.

As a part of his career as a developer, the first website that made it big was AnswerBag. It allows the users to do all kinds of chores at home themselves rather than paying a fortune to professionals for it. Demand Media, another tech giant bought that site for 5 million dollars and turned it into And, as we know it now, has made it big as a site internet users love.

Why He Chose to Settle in Bulgaria?

Also, he explains what inspired him to settle in Bulgaria and do something for the community. He says that he has always been socially involved into issues that affect kids because he has a special corner for them. Before devoting his life to an orphanage in Bulgaria, he was previously involved in organizing donations and volunteering for kindergartens, and for kids of asylum seekers in the southern Tel Aviv, Israel.

Although, currently he has become a successful business owner in Bulgaria, he has always had a passion for developing infrastructure for helping children grow. So, when he moved to Sofia, Bulgarian capital, as soon as he came across a large orphanage in the city, he decided to help the children there. He thanks God for the fortunate life he has had and the fact that he has become a millionaire today, with enough means to help others. So, he wanted to use this fortune to support dozens of kids in the orphanage who otherwise do not have anyone to believe in them and support them.

Devotion Towards the Cause

To begin with, he was donating for the children whenever there was an occasion where children might feel bad that they do not have a family to look after them. He filled the void by supplying the orphanage with electrical appliances, washing machines, and more to make it more comfortable for the kids. During winters, he made sure that the children had enough woolens. So, he took all the children to the mall with him and buy whatever they liked since he was paying. All the children got nice clothes, coats, and other winter accessories so that they don’t feel left out when they saw other children walking around in expensive clothes at school. This shows that apart from taking care of children’s needs, he makes sure that they have a high self-esteem too.

Moreover, Tom made sure that at the beginning of each school year, children were supplied with comprehensive school supplies, bags, books, pencils, cases, and more. The smile on each child’s face when they received their own set of supplies cannot be described in words.

Changing the World’s Perception of Israelis

Israelis are, in general, known to confine themselves to Jewish communities in the cities they live for the sake of comfort. However, Tom John Light believes that people, especially immigrants, should be open to experiences and should work on becoming a part of the community they are living in rather than quarantining themselves. This makes them feel more belonged to the country. Tom says that it will contribute in the way people see the Israelis across the word and create a positive image for them.

“Some of the locals were exposed to Israel because of me, and I hope most of them think of me and Israel as good things.” He adds.

Well, no matter where you are in your life right now, it is always important to give back to the community. Tom John Light is a living example of such a person who never shied away from expressing his concern for the have-nots and showing it through his actions. Well, as they say, success comes to those who believe in themselves and their agendas are an amalgamation of their philanthropy in life and their goals.

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