Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger Watches: Combining Function and Fashion for Both Men and Women

Time is definitely important to us, as we can never take back the seconds that have passed. With this, having a beautiful watch on your wrist would be a great way to keep track of precious time. As it makes you be more stylish and practical, we suggest that you invest in a quality watch that can last for years.

One brand that you can trust for quality watches is Tommy Hilfiger. Despite being quite expensive, you will be assured that the quality that they have is durable enough to last you a long time.

Tommy Hilfiger watches also come in different designs that are sleek enough to fit different personalities. So, if you’re wondering why Tommy Hilfiger may be the best watch for you, then here are some reasons you should choose it. We’ve also curated some of their best watches that are both loved by men and women.

Why choose Tommy Hilfiger

There are many reasons you should have a Tommy Hilfiger watch on your wrist. Here are some of them.


The reliability of their watches does not just depend on the name of the brand. In fact, aside from the brand name, the materials used for Tommy Hilfiger watches are also sourced from Japan. It is with that fact that these watches make use of Japanese quartz movements that make them more accurate, reliable, and durable.


Although the main purpose is to tell you the time, Tommy Hilfiger’s watches also serve their purpose as a nice accessory. By releasing innovative designs from time to time, customers can be assured that the brand will never go out of style. With the help of their new designs, it is quite undeniable that more and more people get drawn to collecting the different variants of their watches as they all look appealing.


Another thing about the special watches of this brand is the fact that they are water-resistant. All of their watches are built with stainless steel cases that add more appeal to the overall look of their timepieces. No matter how old these watches get, what users are guaranteed is the fact that they will not tarnish. As for the watch face, the quality is also good as it is protected by a mineral crystal material.

Tommy Hilfiger’s best watches

Curious about their most popular watches? Check these out and see some of their best-selling watches that had been made for both men and women!

For men

Men’s watches are usually characterized by a larger watch face and wider straps. With that, here are some of the most popular choices that you can give as a gift to the special men in your life.

  • Gent’s Luke Rose-Tone Watch

With a color scheme of brown, gold, white, and navy blue, this watch has grown to be one of the most sought-after Hilfiger watches. Despite its simple design, the watch gives off a nice simple style which makes it be appropriate for both casual and formal wear.

  • Men’s Decker Watch Blue Dial Blue Rubber Strap

This watch looks smart and formal at the same time. With a blue strap and a white watch face, users of this watch will definitely learn to appreciate the simplicity of this, and the appeal of the blue details on the watch face.

  • Men’s James Watch Brown Leather Strap Dark Grey Dial

With a dark brown leather strap and a simple matte black watch face, this is perfect for those who may look for something more minimal yet sophisticated. This design is timeless and very much striking once worn.

For women

Aside from men’s watches, Tommy Hilfiger also has something for women. Ranging from feminine designs to minimalist ones, these watches that are characterized by smaller watch faces and thinner styles also come in very appealing styles.

With that, here are some of the most popular women’s watches that they have.

  • Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

With a pleasant touch of rose gold and of elegant flower design, then this may be the perfect choice for those who would love to wear a beautiful watch masterpiece. This design is considered as one of the most beautiful designs of Tommy Hilfiger.

  • Square Dial Analog Watch

Perfect for those who are stylish and simple, this watch is characterized by a cylindrical strap and a square dial. Both in the shade of gold, it is no doubt that those who will wear this will love the aesthetic that this piece brings.

  • Full Steel Analog Watch

For those who are not fond of gold, pink, white, then a full silver watch may be their best choice. Despite being monochromatic, the watch face of this variant shows a metallic design. It is also being brought to life by the little bursts of colors in its hands.


Tommy Hilfiger has a lot of watches to offer, but their many watches may overwhelm you. We hope our carefully curated list of their best watches helps you in finding the perfect watch for you. Surely, you won’t regret owning a beautiful timepiece from this trusted brand.

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