Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger Watches: Your Modern Accessory

One of the most worn accessories ever since its discovery is the wristwatch. Even back in the old times, watches became a convenient accessory to have. It allows you to briefly check the time with just a glance at the tiny time-piece attached to your wrist. This way, you are aware of the time and be able to avoid coming late for your appointments. Aside from their convenience, watches are great fashion accessories that people all over the globe aim to have possession of. In line with this, many brands released several watch collections. Watches became a trend and must-have for all individuals, both young and old. One of the top brands known in this industry is Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger watches are high-quality watches perfect to match your modern style and need.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches

In collaboration with The Movado Group, the manufacturing and distribution of modern watches have been ongoing for decades. If you are a fashion enthusiast, surely you have already heard of the brand and its high-quality products.

The year 1985 marked the incorporation of the company. It aims to provide the best trend of apparel and fashion accessories that people all over the world would love to have. Hence, the Tommy Hilfiger watch collection is the perfect watch accessory that you would want to have in this modern age and time. It provides not only accurate time, but it can also easily fit your style for everyday use. Whether you are reporting for work or going to school, there are several styles and designs to choose from. With various assortments to choose from, these watches are also perfect as gifts for any occasion.

The Man Behind The Tommy Hilfiger Brand

The Tommy Hilfiger brand name came from the name of the founder himself. Tommy Hilfiger came from Elmira, New York. He was born on March 24, 1951, and was the second out of the nine children.

At age 18, he started working in retail. He and some friends began selling jeans and eventually opened a store they named The People’s Place. It became a hit that Tommy Hilfiger had, at one point, to sell jeans from the trunk of his car. This feat began with Tommy Hilfiger buying jeans in New York, which he remakes and sells in Elmira. The store was a massive success that he earned a six-figure income and soon had a chain of stores.

Immersed in running this business, Tommy Hilfiger decided not to go to college. However, seven years later, The People’s Place got bankrupt. As a response, Tommy Hilfiger studied commerce, forcing himself to learn about business. His eyes opened to things such as reading a balance sheet, which taught him to control his expenses and handle the budget.

At age 28, Tommy Hilfiger created a design team and had Jordache as their client. But, later on, Jordache let them go as the brand didn’t feel the need to expand beyond jeans. Despite being broke, Tommy Hilfiger declined the offer from Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis to be a design assistant in their company. In the year 1985, he created his brand.

During the year 1984, Indian Entrepreneur Mohan Murjani approached Tommy Hilfiger looking for a designer to head a men’s sportswear line. Agreeing that Tommy Hilfiger will put the design under his name, he got announced as the next big thing in American fashion using a blitz marketing campaign inclusive of a bold billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

By the year 1988, the brand became a massive success. In 2004, the company’s number of employees reached 5,400 and had an excess of 1.8 billion dollars of revenue. By 1955, Tommy Hilfiger got named as Menswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers in America. In 2012, he received a prestigious Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award.

In The Year 2000

Tommy Hilfiger and his then-wife of 20 years separated ways. His brand fell off the popularity scale. Tommy then looked for the flaws and reworked the brand. By 2007, he signed a deal with Macy’s, selling the best-selling lines of the company.

With his experiences when he was starting, Tommy Hilfiger became committed to mentoring the next generation of designers. He sponsored a few programs catering to training and molding aspiring designers.

In his desire to give back, Tommy Hilfiger launched The Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation, which had a goal to empower America’s youth. The foundation emphasized the importance of education and having cultural programs.

Tommy Hilfiger has five children. Three out of his five children are on the autism spectrum, which influenced the charitable activities of his foundation.

His Brand In The Present

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is still one of the top brands that most people consider in picking what clothes and accessories to buy. In line with that, these Tommy Hilfiger watches are a sure must-have for everyone, young or old, male and female. There is an assortment to choose from, which would surely fit what you are looking for in a watch.

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