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Top 10 Easiest Fashion Trends to Apply in 2021

What makes these fashion trends “easy” is that you may already have these items in your closet. If not, you can be creative and easily DIY or repurpose something that you already own. These trends are simple ways to stay fashionable with minimal effort. Even if we’re mostly at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain our personal style. Get the latest fashion trends at a great deal with your Saks Fifth Avenue cashback.

1. Face Masks

Of course! With masks being a staple for everyday, might as well make it match your outfit! You can choose different designs from embellished and printed designs, black disposable masks and even mask chains. Stay fashionable without sacrificing protection with face masks.

2. Jewelry

By jewelry we mean statement jewelry. Using jewelry is a good way to spice up your looks for your video calls. Accessories with colorful beads and charms, baroque pearls, thick chain links and pendant necklaces can easily elevate a “basic” look while showing your personality.

3. Matching sets

Using a matching set is an easy way to look more “put-together” even if you’re wearing sweats. This trend allows you to elevate your loungewear and even wear it in public. You can make your look casual by wearing sneakers, and formal by wearing heels.

4. Bralettes

The “bracket” or bra/bralette and jacket combination is a popular trend in 2021. With bralettes as your top, you can layer this with a jacket, cardigan or even a blazer, depending on the look you’re going for. If your bralette and jacket do not match, you can opt for a white or black colored cover-up.

5. Vests

Vests are used as an accessory and layering piece. Whether it’s a denim vest, knit vest, or utility vest, using one can spice up a regular t-shirt or polo. You can even opt to wear it on its own and pair it with jeans for a more casual look. If you do not have any vests available, you can DIY one by carefully cutting up the sleeves from old sweaters.

6. Oversized pants

Gone are the days of skinny fit. Time to dig up your wide-leg, flared jeans, yoga pants and loose slacks from your closet. Oversized pants are not only stylish, but also are very comfortable.

7. Dramatic shoulders

With video calls being mostly from the waist up, having a top with dramatic shoulders, big sleeves, or oversized ruffles can make you look more fashionable.

8. Bolder eye makeup

Since masks cover our mouth, a popular make-up trend to look forward to in 2021 is bolder eyeshadow. You can create different make-up looks using colorful eyeshadows and eyeliners.

9. Second skin materials

Thin, breathable, second skin-like clothing items are becoming more popular. Second skin clothing materials are a step up from loungewear. These are not only comfortable, but are basic pieces that can easily be dressed up or down.

10. Knit

Using knit clothing can help keep you warm while looking fashionable and polished. If you’re tired of wearing sweats and loungewear, you can wear your knit pieces. Lighter knit coordinates are expected to become more popular, making it wearable throughout spring and summer.


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