Movie Theaters in New Jersey

Top 5 Performing Arts and Movie Theaters in New Jersey

The hustling roads, great food, and amazing beaches make New Jersey a popular state to be in. Apart from everything that makes the place one of its kind, it is rich in art and diverse culture. You will find unique people and extraordinary collections of arts, museums, and theaters in this prolific land. Losing yourself in the vibrance of the concerts and shows of New Jersey is always a good way of enjoying your time here. If you wish to experience this beautiful aspect of the state, look no more as here is a list of five performing arts and movie theaters you must check out if you are in New Jersey.

Paper Mill Playhouse

Winner of the 2016 Regional Theater Tony Award, Paper Mill Playhouse amuses people from all age groups and backgrounds. It is always crawling with talented actors and interested audiences due to its close proximity to Manhattan. It is a small regional theater with approximately 1200 seats. Yet it never fails to deliver an outstanding experience. Paper Mill productions over the past years have been worthy of moving to the Broadway stage. The marvelous set designs and exceptional crew members set up beautiful concerts and shows here at Paper Mill. It is among the top best places to spend a holiday with your family and friends in New Jersey. It is located at the heart of Millburn and you can find a tasteful plat at the Carriage House Restaurant next to the theater.

New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)

Newark is a city rich in its industrial heritage. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is inspired by the city of Newark and is a world-class cultural center for an amazing theatrical experience. It is one of the largest centers in the U.S. and is located at a mesmerizing location of the Passaic River waterfront in Newark. The variety of shows and performances at NJPAC are endless and cover every genre. It hosts poetry festivals, eminent speaker series, and jazz concerts. You can also find outdoor musical events during summers attracting people from all over the world. It has an easy commute facility and a bagful of eateries around the center to further keep the visitors hooked to the location.

South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC)

If comfort had a face, it would have looked like the South Orange Performing Arts Center. It is renowned for its intricate architecture, acoustic environment, and comfortable atmosphere. The center is located in South Orange, a location famous for the endless dining outlets at every nook and corner. The audience at SOPAC exclaims that watching a show at the center feels like attending a concert from their homes. One of the main highlights of SOPAC is the Herb and Milly Iris Gallery where the artworks of the contemporary artists from the local community are showcased celebrating their talents. The center holds several acoustic and jazz performances. There is a famous theater named bBow-Tie Cinema adjacent to the arts center for all movie enthusiasts.

Mayo Performing Arts Center (MPAC)

It is at Mayo Performing Arts Center that you can find the variety of performances no one has seen anywhere else. It is an ideal vacation spot for families, children, and young adults. It is located in between the busy streets of Morristown. You can find great restaurants and bars in the area along with easy parking facilities and accessible shuttle services. MPAC provides a stage for all the amazing artists from all corners of the world.  It has a variety of 200 different performances including classical and modern dance, music, and theater productions. It is a testament to the finest technology of New Jersey. Along with the art and culture, the center also offers field trips for out-of-class learning and experiences.

Hopewell Theater

A one-in-all package is always preferred by everyone. Hopewell Theater is a rendition of that package. The theater offers a wide variety of experiences to their audience, namely, live music, movies, famous talks, performances, and lip-smacking food. Hopewell Theater is one of the best movie theater. The theater comes with a flexible seating option which makes it a venue suitable for all events. It can host events from banquette seating to fixed theater seating at the snap of a finger. It is situated at Greenwood Avenue in Hopewell where transportation is a piece of cake for visitors. The theater also comes with a beautiful balcony for people to enjoy the shows as well as have a secluded time. The theater is also wheelchair accessible along with special restrooms and seating areas for physically disabled people. It offers a wide variety of food options from beverages to snacks and candies. It also follows crowd control and sanitation measures in order to avoid hassles so that the visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable time at Hopewell. It is a must-visit theater for everyone who wishes to enjoy a musical evening in New Jersey.

New Jersey never fails to amaze people in terms of concerts and shows. The limits of art if the state is endless. We hope this article helps you plan your next trip to New Jersey fruitfully and musically!

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