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Top fitness apps you need to get and use

Of all the cures available to keep yourself fit, exercise is the best one. It is simple, easy to do, free, and has only a few side effects if done properly. As they say, the exercise would have been the most cost-effective medicine if it was a drug.

Physical exercise helps you to maintain your health properly which includes a healthy weight, heart strength, and proper lung functioning. It also lowers the risk of diabetes, depression, cancer, and cognitive decline. With the start of the new academic year, it’s crucial for young people to help themselves after all-day sitting. We even recommend to buy articles online and re-schedule writing time to fitness time.

With the help of technology, now you can easily schedule your physical exercises as per the recommended guidelines of the US Health Department. According to them, a person needs to have a minimum of 150 minutes per week of physical exercise with moderate intensity.

Here are a few top fitness apps that can help you to achieve the goal of at least 150 minutes per week of physical exercise.


It is a free app that is available on both Android and Apple. This app keeps the track of your walk, running, and any other physical activity you do. This GPS based app has a community of 50 million users and suits everyone.

RunKeeper helps you to plan your route based on your goal that may be training for a race, losing weight, or a particular pace target. It has a readymade schedule available for you to follow. You can also customize your training plan using the My Plan dashboard. This app keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals through rewards for your workout.


Strava is available on Android and Apple free of cost. It is one of the top picks for social training. Other than its tracking abilities, this app aspires to create a community of the world’s athletes with an inspiring experience and does not have junk posts that you will find on other social media platforms.

Strava has a community of millions that include cyclists, active adventurers, runners, and professionals. All these users record their activities on this app. Strava tracks your fitness activities and provides key stats on speed, distance, pace, elevation gained, and burnt calories. It also has an interactive map of your physical activities.

It allows you to compare your performance with other users as well.

Yoga Studio:

It is a highly recommended app for yoga. You can purchase this app on android and apple by spending a little amount of money. This app has 70 ready-made mediation and yoga classes for you to learn and practice. These classes start from beginner level with 15 minutes of exercise and lead up to an advanced level of 60 minutes duration.

Other than that you can customize your classes based on your goal. You just need to let the app know that you want to focus on flexibility, balance, relaxation, strength, or a combination of these and it will have your classes ready for you accordingly.

This app is an instant yoga library in your pocket. It has more than 280 poses with stepwise instructions, their benefits, variations, modifications, and cautions. It also allows you to sync classes with your phone calendar to keep you on the regular schedule of your classes.

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