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Top Tips For Choosing An Online Wholesaler For Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Business

With so many different wholesale businesses that you can choose from, you want to be certain you are buying from the right one. The entire purchasing process can be complicated because of the variety of options available. Here are some of the tips that you should be using to find the best wholesaler available.

  1. Avoid Free Shipping

While free shipping is certainly a perk, it can be very difficult to tell how much you are paying when your product is being shipped across different countries. When you purchase a smaller order, it can cost less to ship, but buying a large order is likely to be much more. Unless you are placing a humungous order, the wholesaler isn’t going to be willing to pay for the shipping on their own. Thus, they will end up boosting the total cost of the product itself to give you the false impression that they are giving free shipping on the order.

  1. Look Up The Wholesaler’s Information

Whenever you are looking to purchase from a wholesaler, you should be looking at their information online. All of the information found online is what you have available to you. After all, you won’t be able to pick up your things and visit their office. Thus, you will find a lot of frauds selling online especially in the jewelry market. You want to do things like verify the verify the supplier information before purchasing sterling silver from them. Look up their business location, look up their name, and figure out if their contact details are updated and accurate.

  1. Look At The Product Description Carefully

When you are shopping for wholesale jewelry, you want to be looking at the description carefully. Figure out how much transparency they are giving within the product details portion. You want to look at everything including the origin, dimensions, and availability. Don’t just read the description, you want to ask about their quality control measures to ensure they are taking their product’s quality seriously.

  1. Post Order Customer Service

Your relationship with the wholesaler doesn’t end after you make your purchase. The end is when you sell the product to the end-consumer. If you find that a lot of customers are complaining about their products, you are likely going to want to return the products to the wholesaler. A lot of wholesalers will have a return policy that can produce you. Thus, you want to ensure they are willing and able to offer a good enough return policy for your protection.

  1. Strengthen Your Connections

You will find a lot of reputable sellers connecting you with people in the jewellery industry who have importance. Meaning, you will be able to connect with other retailers who are experienced. If you are someone who is starting up, you might want to discuss things with other retailers to ask questions and get the information you need.

  1. Compare Pricing

You don’t want to count on a single wholesaler when you are looking to start a business. After all, you will be subjected to their supply constraints and their pricing. Get multiple quotes from other wholesalers to ensure you are protecting yourself.

  1. Documentation

When you are making a bulk purchase, you want to ensure you are granted the documents you need. This is especially important for buying something online. You will need a lot of things in some states including sales taxes slips, business licenses, and more.

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