Traditional Home Decor

Traditional Home Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Vibrant Look

Desi home decor ideas are known to be vibrant and colorful. It is a culture that has evolved over the years, with each generation adding its touch. Whether you are looking for ways to give your home a Pakistani or Indian feel or want some new ideas on sprucing up your living space, this blog post will provide you with all the information you need! We have compiled a list of desi home decor ideas, some traditional and others modern, which will work well in any home.

Colors and Colors Everywhere

Few colors can speak to the soul, like bright and cheerful colors. These vibrant shades will bring life into your home! Incorporate a pop of color in one room by painting a wall, hanging up colorful curtains, or adding chobi rugs with brightly colored patterns; the desi culture is all about colors and a lively look. Colors associated with the Desi culture and look well in a home setting include green, yellow, red, orange. The bright shades of gold and silver will also give your home a touch of desi flavor.

Do It Yourself Crafts

The Desi culture is all about the craftsmanship that can be seen through generations, so why not incorporate this into your own home? Painting pottery with intricate patterns or painting on glass panels are great ways to use DIY crafts. The colorful artistic touch of these crafts is a great way to add an Indian touch. Bring these colorful crafts into the kitchen with your hand-painted teacups, or create a colorful table runner for your dining room that will make it look like you have just stepped out of India.

Building Your Own Painted Chandelier

If you are looking to bring some personality and color, why not try making an Indian-inspired chandelier? These colorful and vibrant chandeliers can be made by following simple instructions that come from this video tutorial. All you need are some light bulbs, a copper or brass wire, and string to create the frame of your chandelier with elastic cords for hanging it up in your living room or bedroom! To take things one step further, try painting an intricate pattern on the wireframe. These are the easiest ways to add color to rooms that may otherwise be dull and bland.

Traditional Colors and Textures

Using the traditional colors and textures found in fabrics, you can make your curtains or furniture covers, giving any room that desi culture vibe. You can also use fabric for wall hangings as well with intricate embroidery work on them. The traditional colors and textures are essential to a desi home decor. Bring these patterns and colors to your home, and you will give it a desi look. Put colorful mirror worked cushions and the wall-hangings in the living room or bedroom.

Traditional Textiles and Patterns

Use traditional textiles from India and the northern region of Pakistan to give your home a desi vibe. For example, you can use dhurries for floor coverings, bedspreads, or curtains, adding an Indian touch to any space. You could also drape them over your sofa or armchairs for a more casual, relaxed look. Traditional furniture should also be in the home decor to give it an authentic feel. Use items like a kennel side table with carved wood latticework and patterned upholstery, dhurries on your dining chairs to provide extra back support while sitting at the table, and a simple cotton dhurrie rug in your bedroom for more comfort.

Colorful Rugs on the Floors

Pile up rugs on different levels for a cozier feel. Most of the desi homes have a mix of natural materials and man-made items. A rug is often placed on the polished floor or marble tiles, while another could be used for vacuuming purposes. Colorful ziegler rugs crafted by the tribes of Afghanistan and Pakistan are also popular in the region. Layer the floor in your home with Patterned and textured rugs for a vibrant touch. If you are looking for an interesting and creative way to add some color to a space in the home, try using brightly colored rugs. Jamawar carpets popular in India and Pakistan come in vibrant colors like red, blue, or green. Use them as a stand-alone piece of art on your floor. The top-of-the-line rugs are handwoven and made using natural materials like wool, cotton, silk, or jute, making them perfect for any home decor focused on a more organic lifestyle.

Tiles and Flooring Options 

Mix different types of flooring to make your home look more vibrant. Add natural elements such as granite stone, marble, or tiles with patterns that will enhance the room’s overall decor, then go ahead and add man-made items like rugs in red, pink, blue, and green. If you want to go for a more natural look, add Indian mandalas in dark colors like red or black with light browns on the floor and use plenty of wall decor pieces made out of wood painted red, blue, or yellow. Mandala patterns can be used as rugs too.

Decorate Your Entrance with Flowers

Dazzle your guests with flower arrangements at your front door – they will make you feel like you are walking into a beautiful garden. Giving colorful touches to the entrance is a charming way to welcome your guests and make them feel special. You can use candles, flowers of different colors, or simply white ones for an elegant look.

Paint the Walls Different Colors

We all know that wall paint affects how we feel about our living space, so you might as well change it up every once in a while. Painting the walls a different shade will bring new life to your home and give it an interesting vibe, perfect for any season or occasion. For instance, you can paint one wall in each of these colors:

  • red for passion
  • blue as a soothing effect
  • yellow as cheerful and bright

Bold Patterned Textiles as Home Decor

Traditional desi homes feature beautiful textiles, ranging from exotic designs to light colors like blues and greens. Bring these same gorgeous fabrics into your living space by incorporating them into your home decor. Whether you hang a tapestry in the living room or use a throw blanket to spruce up your favorite chair, these textiles will add an authentic touch that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s a Wrap

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