Types of Projects Mini Excavators Are Used For

Mini excavators have similar capabilities with its full-sized counterparts, albeit at reduced capacity. But its ability to work in tight spaces and the cramped environment is the one major benefit project managers choose mini excavators.

Mini excavators are capable of digging the toughest of soils and carry large quantities of material for disposal. When a project lacks a comfortable workable space, a mini excavator can operate in a plethora of functions that its full-sized counterpart cannot.

Moreover, the number of possible attachments along with its lightweight and compact frame makes a mini excavator hire a versatile machine to have on hand. This machine can be used in a variety of tasks such as material handling, precisions digs, landscaping, or light demolitions.

More importantly, mini excavators can save you a great deal of time and man-hours in situations where space and obstruction is an issue. For more insights, here are some of the types of projects mini excavators are used for:

Repair of Sewer Lines

The repair of sewer lines most likely takes place in busy streets and public places wherein a standard excavator may have difficulties working around. Because mini excavators feature a very small footprint of maneuvers, this makes them the ideal machine for this type of project.

However, do note to check whether the depth of repair is within the reach of the mini excavator. If it does reach, there are no other reasons not to use this machine.

Using them allows your project team to demand only a small section of public space for closure or close only one lane of the road, hence reducing the inconvenience caused to the public.

Digging Holes

Digging holes in tight spaces are common in most construction projects. Because conventional heavy construction machinery can’t reach these spaces, sometimes construction teams account for this by resorting to time-consuming manual digging or usage of some basic power tools.

Using a mini excavator in these situations frees up manpower intended for manual digging, as well as finishing the task in a timely manner. This ultimately leads to faster project completion. Such convenient capabilities make the mini excavator the perfect machine for digging holes in construction sites.

Precise Digs

The construction of foundations or trenches without shuttering will certainly need precise digs. A standard excavator may have a bucket arm much larger than the widest foundation dimension which doesn’t allow precise digs. This can result in a much larger dig than require for a shutter-less foundation. With mini excavators, the small bucket arm can account for such provisions with ease.

Demolition of Small Buildings

One of the less known common uses for excavator hire machinery is demolition. Demolition of small structures such as sheds or garages is most likely located in a residential setting where obstacles such as gates or fences are present. Sometimes, some homes have small yards that would be impossible for standard excavators to maneuver into.

Along with its sufficient breakout force, mini excavators can easily fit through the tightest of obstacles in a residential setting, as well as demolishing small structures with ease in a timely manner.

Plowing Snow

In a place where severe snowstorms are in issue, roads can be covered with thick snow that can only be removed efficiently using mini excavators. Their lightweight frame and compact size allow them to maneuver over thick snow without skidding.

In addition, mini excavators can be outfitted with a special blade attachment, similar to those used in backfilling works to plow through snow in a very efficient manner.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation projects require a number of small trenches and precise digs that are suitable for mini excavators.

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