UI and UX
UI and UX Design for Effective Business Interactivity

UI and UX Design for Effective Business Interactivity

UI and UX, two interrelated yet interconnected terms. User Interface is that part of any application or device that a typical user interaction with, yet it does not cover the complete extent of the user s experience on a web or applications. On the other hand, user experience covers the whole meaning of what it feels like to use a particular application or feature. While it is often confusing, these two are different concepts. Here are some quick tips to help you get a better understanding.

Work with UI and UX

Don’t be confused. If you are to work with UI and UX, there are some clear dividing lines. First, you must understand the difference between the two. To be clearer, UI refers to the aesthetic design or visual aspect of an application or device. On the other hand, user experience covers the practical aspects of using a particular application or feature. So, when dealing with UI and UX, these two concepts should be kept in the mind and not mixed up.

What is UI/UX design

Don’t divide. When it comes to what is UI/UX design, the two are usually thought of as separate entities. However, they are not. UI and UX are one continuous field that describes how a digital product can provide ease of use, smooth operation, and great value for money.

Design on research

Base your design on research. It is a good idea to conduct usability and UI research before implementing any kind of digital product or service. This is because you need to know what components like buttons, visual interface elements, and other functionalities are used by real users. This way, you can get a better idea of how to implement those elements in an easy-to-use and enjoyable manner.

Designing user interfaces

Do not let emotions govern your design. UI/UX Design user interfaces should be less influenced by emotions and more on object-oriented programming principles and strategies. Sometimes, the product’s potentiality is lowered due to the lack of proper UI and UX elements such as clear labels, text input fields, icons, checkboxes, and checkmarks. Thus, it is important to consider all these things when crafting the UI and UX for your digital product.

UI and UX cannot always be implemented

Be open to change. UI and UX cannot always be implemented based on the current needs of your product or service. New advancements in technology may require your application to have new functionalities, especially if it hasn’t been around for a while. If you find it hard to implement new UI and UX, you may hire UI and UX designers. These professionals are trained to create new forms of interaction that would satisfy current and future users and will also be friendly to the business.


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