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Use custom keychains to promote yourself as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you depend on word-of-the-mouth advertising to get new gigs. Sometimes, it works; several times doesn’t; it becomes an issue if the latter becomes more regular than the first. Self-marketing is difficult, but it is vital for success. It is not something you do when you have little or no work, but make it a part of your work routine. Freelancers are often short on resources, i.e., time and money. How will they promote themselves? The solution: custom keychains; they are cost-effective, practical, and easy to create in bulk. These everyday staple products will give you more exposure than any other marketing method.

Benefits of custom keychains for freelancers:

  • Budget-friendly: Custom keychains are economical promotional products that will fit every budget size. It will be even cheaper if you create in bulk. It takes care of the most critical issue as a freelancer, i.e., lack of promotional money.
  • Easy to customize: No matter your industry, keychains are easy to customize. They are available in numerous sizes and colors, like, metal, PVC, acrylic, etc. You can use fascinating models such as flashlight keychains, bottle openers, laser engraved, etc.; there is something for every niche and need.
  • Gifts: Personalized keychains make perfect gifts for business and private occasions; they are lovely for thanking clients, connecting with prospects, and more. It will help differentiate you from others, and they will think of you and recommend you to their friends and family for a job.
  • High-visibility: Keychains are among the most long-lasting promotional products. They last 4-5 years easily; imagine all the exposure you will get in the period. Since people carry keychains to places, your business or service will get the attention of many people every time recipients use them.

Take customization to the next level:

  • Add visually appealing designs: the adage: the first impression is the last impression, applies here. If your custom keychains do not pique people’s interests, your hard work might fail, and they will move on to the next alternative. Using personal and meaningful to your business is one method to make charming keychains. Print appealing designs and enticing colors according to the professional image you want to create. For example, Orange and pink are helpful for creative work, and gold and black display confidence and expertise.
  • Use an intriguing tagline: an eye-catching phrase related to your work on custom keychains can help it stand out and be creative. It also conveys that you have put thought into creating the keychains, and not used generic keychains like others. The tagline help capture the spirit of your work that can cause receivers to develop a sense of attachment to your service and turn them into regular clients. It will pique others’ curiosity also and propel your work forward.
  • High-quality materials: Using high-quality materials for custom keychains can help you stand out even when you have a lot of competition. If you use low-quality materials, you might lose clients because it sends a message of irresponsibility and carelessness; you better be off not using anything. Using high-quality materials also ensures they are durable, last longer, and make them look classier.
  • Customize with QR codes: QR codes are pretty helpful, and you can print them on your custom keychains to direct people to your website or social media profile page. It will help get you gigs and distinguish yourself as a freelancer.

Use packaging to make custom keychains more presentable:

Packaging enhances the receivers’ experience. Like keychains, you can choose from various options to package and present. Some popular and budget-friendly ones are:

  • Clear poly bag: With it, your custom keychains will be visible to the receiver. It is an excellent choice to show design; however, with the growing awareness and concern about environmental issues, it might not be the best idea. It is better to use other biodegradable materials like Cellophane. You can also insert a thank you note and business card in the packaging.
  • A velvet pouch gives a feeling of luxury. Put one custom keychain in a velvet drawstring pouch along with other products. It is lovely for giving away to high-value clients or prospects. You can also use them for personal gifts. Laser engraved metallic keychains go well with this packaging.
  • Velvet boxes will take your custom keychains to the stratospheric level. It works well for a variety of situations, especially for high-profile clients. It also allows you to put other thank you products.
  • Acrylic cases are another option to giveaway custom keychains. It is handy at tradeshows and networking events to distinguish yourself from others.

How to use custom keychains as a freelancer:

  • Get involved in communities: It is especially vital if you are starting. Being a part of various freelancing and networking communities will help you be updated and connect with business prospects. It is an opportunity to contact others, share your experience, and exchange tips. You can present custom keychains to people you talk to help them remember.
  • Social networking: Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are your friends. They will help you get in touch with a wide variety of people. Use custom keychains and the law of reciprocity to connect with people. Promoting yourself will make you look trustworthy and professional; you never know who can be your next client.
  • Build your online presence: Giving away custom keychains might not be enough to build your online presence. You must ask receivers to upload pictures with the keychains and tag your work profile.
  • Attend events: Having a solid online presence is lovely, but even today, personal contact is necessary to get more work. Getting custom keychains and participating in various events or charity works in your area can be helpful. It will establish goodwill and build up your network. Learn from the saying: it is not what you know but who you know. Giving out your keychains will help people recognize who you are and what you can do for them.

Self-promotion with custom keychains:

Custom keychains would help you connect with people and get more gigs. Partnering with a reliable and expert manufacturer will help a lot. EverLighten has helped people from every industry, like catering, designers, realtors, etc. They look after everything, including design; you can concentrate on getting more jobs.

Micheal Carney is a real estate agent in Columbus, NJ, and helps assist buyers and sellers in marketing and purchasing properties. He was looking to connect with people in the industry, and EverLighten’s team helped him create custom keychains for clients and customers. It helped him reach more people and sell more houses.

The EverLighten difference:

Best pricing: They are a factory producing custom keychains, not intermediaries, ensuring customers always get the best prices.

Quality in every product: They use high-quality materials and the latest techniques to produce keychains.

Fast turnaround time: They manufacture every order in the quickest time possible.

24*7 support: Customers can contact them 24*7 for their queries resolution; they reply within half an hour.

Real people, fantastic service: EverLighten loves helping; they offer various options for every product.

Designs to impress: Your keychains will look as you imagined with help from in-house designers.

No minimum order requirement: You can order any number of keychains you need; they accept every order without a minimum limit.

Worldwide shipping: They deliver worldwide, and customers can track their orders online with an order tracking tool.

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