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The Best Vape Flavors for Summer 2022

Don’t know which Vape flavor to choose? Worry not, amigo. Puffbar is back with a summer twist! And like always, we’re prepared for the humid and hot summer days like never before. Did you know there are different flavors for each season of the year?

You heard that right; Puffbar brings you its coolest and most refreshing cacophony of flavors that’ll turn any dour day around.

If you call yourself a vape connoisseur and are looking to switch from rich flavors to something lighter just for the sake of summer, check out our list of the most popular summer vapes. We went around and analyzed individual sales of each flavor, took into consideration the opinions of some of our most trusted clients, and used this data to rank the best vaping flavor of all! Stay tuned to find out more.

Summer Fruit Flavors

The hint is in the name of this flavor, and summer fruit flavors or berry ice flavors truly are ideal for the warmer seasons. There are so many different individual fruit flavors to choose from. However, these mixed flavors – especially iced berries- are worth every puff. While we’re on the topic of summer flavors, here are a couple of honorable mentions from our very own store; V15-Blueberry Ice and Strawberry Watermelon Myst.

Tropical Flavors

Another splendid choice for summer is tropical flavors; nothing says summer like tropical fruit products. These flavors are guaranteed to take you back to the beach with a single puff. If you’re looking to try one out, we recommend VAAL Max-Tropical Delight, VAAL Mint, and VOZOL Alien 7-Black Ice.

Cocktail Flavors

One can never truly get enough of cocktails, can he? Not to worry, friend. Our dear comrades in the flavor production department have blessed us with cocktail flavors. So what if you can’t go to the beach on every hot evening, Puffbar will bring the beach to you! These cocktail flavors are a perfect blend of tropical vibes and cool relaxation. Our top pick in the cocktail department is our own Puff bar Plus-Mojito.

Lemonade Flavors

If you’re like us and like to lay back, relax and enjoy the classics, then boy have we got news for you! The King of Summer Pink Lemonade is here to stay with an array of mouthwatering, inherently chilly, and refreshing flavors. Nothing beats lemonade in summer; now, you can find that same refreshing taste in your vapes! A plethora of flavors contain lemonade, and it was a close match, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to three victors; Puffbar Plus-Pink Lemonade, Watermelon Lemon Ice, and Air Bar Max-Blueberry Lemon Ice.

Ice Flavors

Ice flavors are essentially fruity flavors that have a chilly aftertaste that can be compared to mint. Once you inhale them, they leave a refreshing and lasting breezy taste that works wonders in summer, hence the name. Ice flavors are widely sought after, especially during the summers, as they are available in a wide range of fruity flavors. This blend of modern techniques with classic flavors makes them truly unique. If you have never tried these before, it’s high time that you start now. Here are our recommendations; V15-Banana Ice, V15-Blue Razz Ice, and Peach Ice.

Our Top Pick

The first place for the best vaping flavor for summer 2022 goes to the V15-Blueberry Ice because of its refreshing approach to iced flavors with a personal citric twist for the taking.

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