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Vaping for Beginners: What You Need to Know

It is estimated that there will be 55 million e-cigarette users worldwide in 2021. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease of use, its ability to aid in quitting cigarettes, and its discreetness.

If you’re new to vaping, you might become overwhelmed as the industry is so large. Where do you begin, and how do you know what vape to choose?

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Types of Vapes

There are two main categories of vapes: cannabis and nicotine.

Nicotine vapes are generally handheld vaping devices that mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette without combustion. Lithium-ion batteries power them.

They are customizable so that you can get 0% to 5% of nicotine content. There is also a wide range of flavors, from tobacco, to fruity, to unflavored.

Cannabis vapes are either handheld or larger desktop devices. Handhelds are battery-powered, whereas desktop devices can be battery-powered or have an electric power supply.

You can use cannabis vapes with CBD and THC, as well as other botanicals. You can also find vapes that use dry herb, oil, or both.

Vaping With Nicotine

If you’re considering vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, you’ll probably want to try a nicotine vape.

E-cigarettes are the most common type of vapes because they are simple and small.

Some are rechargeable, where you have a battery pack, and you buy the vape juice separately, also known as a “pod.” These are often also called pod vapes.

Other e-cigarettes are disposable, so they come with the vape juice prefilled, and you simply dispose of it once you’re finished. This is the easiest type of vape to use for beginners, so if you’re interested, why not learn more?

Box Mods are more powerful vapes that usually come with external battery packs. They are super customizable but may be a bit much for a beginner.

Vaping Without Nicotine

If you’re looking for a great vaping experience without nicotine, try a cannabis vape.

CBD vape pens use CBD e-juice. They usually have a rechargeable battery, and you can refill the tank with new juice as it runs out. As the name suggests, it is in a small pen form.

THC oil pens use THC and CBD distillate. They usually have a small battery and contain an atomizer cartridge containing a wick and a heating coil. This is how the distillate turns to vapor.

Handheld vapes use dry herb and have an internal oven that heats the marijuana to turn it into vapor. They use a precise temperature to do so. If you enjoy using dry herb instead of distillate, this may be the vape for you.

Desktop vapes are similar to box mods in that they are not for the inexperienced user.

They work with convection heating to extract all of the cannabinoids from the dry herb. Though you might get the best hit from this type of vape, it’s much more complicated to use.

Tips on Vaping for Beginners

Now you have all the information on vaping for beginners so you can begin your vaping journey. No matter what you’re using vaping for, there is surely a vape out there for you.

Why not explore your options today?

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