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Various Standards and Procedures used by Jewellers in London, UK

London, UK, is a thriving center for bespoke jewellery and is considered to be one of the leading suppliers of jewellery items around the globe. The retailers and wholesalers in London use several techniques of manufacturing of the authentic jewellery. Most importantly, it uses different procedures for reliable standardization. These procedures help in ensuring the legal aspects of the jewellery and instill a feeling of trust in the minds of the consumers.


A hallmark is a symbol used on precious items like jewellery that is sanctioned by the UK government. The hallmark is used to ensure the purity of the metal. This ensures that one shall not be tricked into paying a handsome price for jewellery that is not made of the precious metal.


The stamp ensures quality of the item. It symbolizes that the purity of the item is legit enough to ensure durability. The products shall be reliable enough to be qualified as an efficient product in the jewellery industry. Thus, the hallmark is important since it ensures quality and warranty.


The testing of precious metals and hallmarking them is called assaying. There are apparently, four assay offices in Britain and one located in London. The assaying offices contribute immensely towards the reliability of a precious metal and in turn, a jewellery item.


In UK, there are four precious metals that need to be hallmarked by the law. These metals are Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. All variations of gold must be hallmarked as 9K, 14K, 18K and 22K.

Other metals must meet the required percentage of purity in order to qualify as a hallmarked metal for jewellery.


Hallmarking is beneficial to both, the consumers as well as the jewellers. For consumers, it ensures reliability and durability of the products they are paying for. The retailers and the wholesalers, on the other hand, are protected from the unlawful competition who tries to sell fraudulence in the form of fake jewellery.


The jewellers in London use traditional as well as modern tools and techniques to assay the products. They use X-Ray and laser analysis along with manual traditional techniques to assay the commodities. If you are planning to purchase engagement rings in London, you must check for the hallmark before purchasing.


Only the government sanctioned British or International hallmarked jewellery can be sold in the country. It shall contain the assay office town mark, the date letter and a duty stamp.


Items that weigh extremely little like 1 gram of gold and 0.5 gram of platinum do not require hallmarking in London.


According to the hallmarking Act, it is a criminal offence to claim the purity of the metal unless it is hallmarked. It is also criminal to manipulate the hallmark and other stamps sanctioned by the government.

Summing up, the jewellers in London use both, traditional and modern technology to carefully assess the jewellery. These tools are highly effective and ensure reliability, legitimacy of the pricey commodity. For the matter of quality and warranty, engagement rings hatton gardens are the best in the discussed category.

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