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Vasectomy Reversal Recovery: Important Tips to Know

According to studies, a vasectomy is estimated to be more than 99% effective. Although that’s the goal, many men find themselves changing their minds after their procedure.

Thankfully, vasectomy reversal is an option for men who want more children. It’s an outpatient procedure, but vasectomy reversal recovery is vital to successfully reversing the operation.

With that said, if you’re interested in learning more about receiving a vasectomy reversal procedure, keep reading the info below.

The Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

Vasectomy reversal is a procedure that reverses a vasectomy. It attaches to each tube that transfers sperm from the testes to the sperm. Sperm are found in the semen following a good vasectomy reversal, and you could get your partner pregnant.

Depending on the type of operation, birth rates after reversing a vasectomy vary from around 30% to over 90%. The timeframe after a vasectomy, your partner’s age, physician experience, and preparation are key elements

Also, whether or not you experienced fertility problems before the vasectomy all factor into whether the reversal is effective in achieving pregnancy.

Vasectomy Reversal Recovery

You may experience groin pain for 1 to 3 weeks after your operation to reverse a vasectomy. More than likely, the scrotum and groin become sore and swollen. However, it’ll subside in one or two weeks.

Depending on your career, you should be able to go back to work or your daily life in one week. But it can take two weeks or longer to return to work if the position requires manual labor or lifting.

You may have to wear supportive undergarments or a jockstrap for 1 week after the procedure or as your surgeon instructs you.

If a reversal is performed during the first three years after a vasectomy, it is more likely to be effective. A reversal does not always work. The vas deferens is a short tube that can get blocked forever.

After Your Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

There are a few key steps you must take after your surgery to make sure that you have successful vasectomy reversal recovery. Here are some suggestions:

Wear Fitting Underwear

During surgery, you can put on comfortable briefs right away. Underwear that is tight and close-fitting provides more protection and support. A specific type of protective undergarment may be prescribed by your doctor. In this situation, follow the doctor’s instructions.

Wearing uncomfortable tight garments adds to the irritation.

Don’t Worry About Light Bleeding

It’s common for the wound to emit light spotting, particularly around and between the incisions. If this occurs, disinfect the wound and rub away the blood before applying a sterile bandage.

Spotting that is persistent or severe might indicate a mild infection. Consult the doctor if you’re having a lot of bleeding, as antibiotics might be administered.

If you have severe bleeding, chronic, severe testicular discomfort, inflammation around the incision, or a noticeable reduction in the size of your scrotum over time, visit your physician.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is important for the body’s internal healing. You can get up to do light household chores, but you should refrain from participating in any more labor-intensive activities.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, add an ice pack to your testicles. When you relax, you should also use a scrotal brace to relieve discomfort.

You won’t need to remain in the hospital following the vasectomy reversal operation since it is an outpatient treatment. However, you should try to relax as much as possible.

Wait a Few Days to Go Back to Work After Surgery

After the surgery is the time when the body is most vulnerable, and you should take advantage of it by sleeping as much as possible. Actually, you should intend on staying at home for the next two to three days.

If you are self-employed, take calls and respond to emails from your couch rather than your desk. Anticipate taking a whole week off from work and spending the bulk of the time laying down.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Items

During the initial two weeks, refrain from lifting large items. Lifting pushes on the belly, which may cause the internal sutures to be pushed down.

Internal sutures might be broken apart if you lift anything heavy. You must wait a while to begin strenuous lifting. In some instances, four to six weeks are needed. Pay close attention to your pain and relaxation levels, and don’t overwork your body.

Wait 48 Hours Shower

During your vasectomy reversal recovery, avoid showering or bathing for the first 48 hours after surgery. Following this timeframe, you should wash every day to keep the incision area safe.

To avoid infection, carefully wipe yourself with a clean towel and apply sterile gauze to the wound.

Wait Two Weeks to Have Intercourse

It’s important to allow your reproductive system time to regenerate after surgery and to stop pushing sperm into your vas deferens until it’s completely healed. However, you can resume sexual intercourse after two weeks, if you feel comfortable. When it comes to commencing sexual intercourse, follow the doctor’s instructions.

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Successful Vasectomy Reversal Recovery

Vasectomy reversal recovery is essential to making sure that you heal properly. Even though a vasectomy reversal procedure is a minor operation, there are complications that could arise if you’re not careful. But there shouldn’t be any problems as long as you follow the doctor’s orders.

After you heal, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying fatherhood once again.

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