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Versatility of Crew Cut and How to Use it To Your Advantage

The century that we live in implies that both men and women have the same vast range of styling options to experiment with. The rule does not apply to clothing solely. These days, it includes hair fashion too. No matter longer or shorter cuts are the ones that you prefer. There is a great variety of suggestions to consider.

While Menhaircuts provide a lot of worthy ideas of how to sport a trendy crew cut, we want to explain what it implies and where it comes from. The minute you realize that the style fits your personality, it is manageable to maintain and flatter your characteristics. You can confidently ask the barber to grant you one.

Crew Cut – a Basic Introduction

To put it simply, a crew cut is a very short cut for busy but stylish lads. However, there is a list of peculiarities that define it:

  • Faded sides and back
  • Tapered sides and back
  • Longer top

The History of Crew Cut

Since it is a short and easy to maintain cut, a crew cut has been in service since the 18th century. Initially, the crew was the cut to distinguish between football players and the staff. Football players usually supported longer hair for improved helmet padding, while there was no such necessity for the rest. The cut was popular up to the 50s, but then the rock & roll vibe stepped in. Nevertheless, it is said that basically, crew cuts have always been sported by men.

The History of Crew Cut

Styling a Crew Cut

There is not much to style when you think about it since a crew cut is precisely short and simple to look after. According to MensHaircuts, it all depends upon the crew cut length that you choose. If you prefer a little longer top with a bit of texture added to it, some wax will help. Working a little hair product in the mane will define it better while introducing that peculiar, stylish flair that most men like. In general, a crew cut is done in such a way that you can pay the least attention to the styling and look your absolute best, nonetheless.

Types of Crew Cut

Even though it is a short haircut that we are discussing, there are various lengths to distinguish between. Depending upon your lifestyle and preferences, it is effortless to pick the best one. There are three lengths of crew cut:

  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long

The length indicates the styling effort requires, as well as the range of looks to experiment with. The longer is the top – the more options to give a try to will appear.


Medium Crew With a Mid-Fade

There is nothing wrong with keeping a perfect balance in everything. If you want to keep your style well-defined but going over the edge is not your cup of tea, then a mid-fade leveled with a medium crew cut is the combo to opt for. A cut like that can be easily fitted into an office environment as well as military service. Besides, beard or no beard, the style won’t lose its flavor and will serve the purpose it is designed for.

Platinum Blonde Crew with a Textured Top

Going short does not imply being left with no room for experimentation. When the length is reduced, texturing comes to define the form. What is more, these days, the variety of dyeing techniques is overwhelmingly great. In contrast to a natural-shaded beard, such a platinum blonde style will create an edgy and rebellious impression. Besides, the skin-fade will define the drama of the look without taking it too far.

Layered Crew Cut With a High Fade

Those of you who are looking for a cut that can serve multiple purposes without great length required should pay attention to the look. On the one hand, it is a well-styled, unique crew cut that can be sported to a club or a fancy restaurant. On the other hand, when you comb it well and remove the styling hair products from the scene, you will get a stern and manly look fit for military gents. The sole downside of such a look is regular upkeep. High fade has a tendency to grow out fast and requires regular trimming. However, it is also possible to grow it out and shop now.

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