Want To Unwind? Visit Japan! Here are 7 things Japan is famous for

Want To Unwind? Visit Japan! Here are 7 things Japan is famous for

Japan, with its wonderful culture, never ceases to take the world’s breath away. Most of us know how enchanting it is to visit this exquisite country rich with both its traditions and pop culture. For those who know a handful about the Japanese culture, knowing more about it gives a refreshing view of life. Maybe you would want to visit the wonderful country, too, sometimes! From their colorful traditional attire, vibrant nightlife, and tranquil religious customs, to their successful show business and food, you would be at the edge of your seats as you learn more! With this, allow us to share with you some of the things Japan is famous for:

1. Lively animation industry

We all know how popular Japan’s animation industry, or anime, is. People from all around the world love and enjoy the anime produced in Japan. This is because animes have a rich variety of plots. You can choose from a vast range of titles to choose from. Animes also have a unique way of growing their viewers. Animators do a great job in creating animes because of how detailed their graphics get over time and how manlike their movements become. It has a great way of storytelling that the world also has to learn from and great action scenes. If you want to check out how anime are, there are lots of best anime streaming sites online that you can check out.

2. Scrumptious food

In case you would like to try some delicious snacks and food from Japan before your trip, please check out Sugoi Mart – a Japanese online store, shipping all over the world everything that Japan has to offer. From snacks, chocolates, anime licenses to toys and collectibles, their motto is pretty much: You want it? They have it! If they don’t, let them know and they will!

Of course, it will be a grave sin to talk about Japanese culture without talking about how iconic and just divine Japanese food is. We all know how heartwarming it is to get a loud slurp of their famous ramen that is also available in spicy flavors. The world fell in love with eating ramen—from the authentic one that comes with real meat and a lot more ingredients, to the instant ramen where you only add hot water. It is because of its rich flavors and tasty noodles. We would also never forget how sushi became a game-changer when it comes to food. How they are made and cut truly demonstrates how sushi chefs prepare them with such artistry.

3. Shibuya Crossing

We all might have a faint image of how vibrant Tokyo is whenever we think about Japan. Most common in our image of this is the ever-famous Shibuya Crossing. Movies, even those in Hollywood, show how Shibuya Crossing looks like. It always appears to be the busiest street ever. More than this, the Shibuya Crossing is a must-see when you are visiting Tokyo. You get to see the vibrant crowd, the wonderful skyscrapers, and the colorful lights from everywhere in the beautiful city.

4. Manga

Now that we have mentioned Anime, you might now have an idea about Manga. Alongside the popularity of Anime also comes Manga, where most of those animations come from. You will see in Mangas the great skill of its illustrators. Every line, every stroke, and every sketch are detailed with the utmost skill. Must we mention the nerve-wracking storyline of such popular manga?

5. Cherry blossoms

Seeing cherry blossoms or Sakura in full bloom must be included in your wishlists of the things you want to see in Japan. We do not blame you. We all know how breathtaking it is to see pink Sakuras and how magical it looks as their petals fall from the tree. There are lots of species of cherry blossoms. But Sakura is by far the most famous in Japan and even in the world.

6. Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines

The Japanese people have such high regard for their religion and the traditions that surround it. With this, tourists all around the world flock and pay their respects to temples and shrines in Japan. These places of worship hold an integral part of the Japanese culture and their sets of beliefs.

7. Onsens

Who would not love a nice warm dip in the hot springs? Japan is known for such amenities. As we all know, this beautiful country is near the Pacific Ring of Fire. Because of this, Japan had lots of active volcanoes. Scary as it sounds, lots of innovations helped them adapt and survive living in such a country. It has even brought them pleasurable amenities like Onsens. Onsens are geothermally heated baths. Onsens are traditionally enjoyed outdoors, but there are now establishments that have indoor onsens.

Visit Japan!

Knowing more about the Japanese culture truly is fun, but the list might not be enough to list all the things you can see in the country! If you want to learn more about the country, you might as well consider visiting it the soonest you can. You can also extend your research and consume more Japanese art and pop culture.

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