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Visiting to Shirdi? Take a note of these areas!

Shirdi is a very religion-based place and holds great relevance in Indian history. The best-possible time period to visit this particular place is between June and February which means between the monsoon and winters. Most commonly people visit this particular place because of religious purposes. Hence, whenever any of the individuals are planning to visit this particular place they must go with the option of visiting the below-mentioned places so that their trips become very much enjoyable:

 -Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple: This temple is a very important and significant as well as famous shrine of the nation India. This temple is wholly dedicated to Saibaba and the tourists can very easily avail all the facilities of a good holy place at this particular place. Hence, whenever any of the individuals want to the best possible religious experience they must visit this particular place.

 -Shani Singapur: This particular place is the most amazing and the most interesting village of Maharashtra and the best feature of this particular village is that doors are not there anywhere in this area. People very well believe that the Lord Shaneshwara will always keep them away from all kinds of events and this village is approximately 60 km away from Shirdi which is the highly visited place whenever people visit this town. Only the male’s devotees are permitted on the premises so that they can worship their lord.

 – Samadhi Mandir: This Mandir is fully owned by the millionaire family from the city Nagpur and the person is a great devotee of Saibaba. This particular devotee wanted to very well install the large idol of Lord Muralidhar because of which the Saibaba declared himself as baba.

 -Gurusthan: This is that particular area where Saibaba appeared for the very first time as the 16 years old person. This place is instituted under the holy Neem tree. It also has a great shrine where the Saibaba’s portrait has been placed. The holy Nandi bull is also worshipped there in this particular temple.

 -Dwarkamai: This is the highly visited and a very important place in the Shirdi for all the devotees. It is very well believed that Dwarkamai is the main part and heart of the town and this particular place is the great place where Saibaba spent their majority of the part of life even the last moments. This particular place is very much significant for all the devotees because it was then the home of God on the mother earth.

 -Lendi Baug: This beautiful garden is very well located on the state Highway in the town and Saibaba used to spend a lot of time over here in the activities like watering the plants in the evening as well as the morning. Hence, this particular place has very great religious significance because Saibaba spent a lot of time.

 -Jungli Maharaj Ashram: This particular place is there in the Shirdi man-made state Highway and the Ashram is approximately 6 km away from the Shirdi town. This is fully managed by the guru Om Gurudev and this particular place is also a co-educational school for the children.

 -Dixit Vada Museum: The Vada Museum is located in the proper vicinity of the Shri Saibaba Sansthan trust and also includes several kinds of vintage pictures of Saibaba along with all of his followers. It also has the leather padukas along with pipe used for smoking as well as some of the gramophone records. The bathing stone and several kinds of cooking utensils at this particular place are also there.

 -Chavadi: During the most crucial last years of the life of Saibaba used to spend a lot of nights at this particular place. This place is very near the Dawarkamai mosque from where the possession of Saibaba along with his followers was always carried out in a palki.

 -Wet n joy water park: This is the most important and fun-based place in Shirdi other than the Saibaba temple. This particular destination has several kinds of rides that are quite enjoyable for adults and the children. This is approximately 5 km away from the Shridi and this is a destination full of fun and spending the best possible time with the loved ones.

 -Thursday Palki procession: During those days when the holy Sai nath lived at this place, at nights he was taken in the palki-based procession from the Dwarkamai Masjid. The comprehensive procession also took place on every respective Thursday with proper excitement even after the passing away of Saibaba. Hence, this particular place of the procession is of quite  a great relevance for the people of Shirdi and for the tourists from around the world.

 -Khandoba Mandir: This temple is very nearly located on the highly populated and the main road of the town. This place has the icons of Mhalsai, Khandoba, and Banai.

 -Abdul Baba cottage: This particular cottage is situated on the next opposite right side of the Chavadi and once Abdul baba also lives here. This is a must-visit place for all the people who are into the collection of rare artefacts associated with the Saibaba and the Abdul Baba. Abdul Baba was one of the most fathfulfollowers of the Sai Baba.

 -Upasani Maharaj Ashram: This is the place that was built in the 20th century by a baba and he was a great and huge disciple of Saibaba. This is situated on the Shirdi Ahmednagar State Highway and contains the Samadhi of the maharaja along with some other related people.

 -Maruti Mandir: The Hanuman temple is also commonly termed as the Maruti Mandir and is one of the most important temple in Shirdi. This particular temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and also includes dumbbells as well as weights that are placed in the corner. Shiv ling along with is also present here.

 The whole town of Shirdi is a very beautiful combination of nature as well as the religion-related aspects. The visitors will always feel calm and peace in this particular area whenever they will visit this. Hence, at the time of visiting this particular town, one must book the hotel in Shirdi so that one can enjoy the stay very well and can cherish the memories throughout the lifetime.

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