Top Ways To Store Your Digital Files

Top Ways To Store Your Digital Files

Some years back, the best methods for storing photographs, videos, and other digital files were photo albums, VHS tapes, and floppy disks respectively. Today, we now have several storage mediums. From our smartphones to flash drives and external hard drives, we have a limitless option for storing data.

In this article, you will learn about different storage methods for digital files and the one that is best for you.

Desktop Storage

In a world filled with hundreds of external data storage solutions, your desktop storage can still come in handy. It is regarded as one of the fastest and most flexible methods of storing digital files. When you store your digital data on desktop storage, you also have the advantage of easy access to your photos, videos, files, and many more. However, the downside to desktop or laptop storage is the lack of convenience, backup, and security. In a case where you have hundreds of thousands of files, you have to carry out a thorough search for the files you need and this is not so convenient.

Also, when all your digital files are stored on your desktop, you are at risk of losing them all if your device gets missing or damaged. Most people who rely on desktop storage don’t usually have a backup and recovery plan and this can be disastrous after a virus attack. With desktop storage, the risk of losing your data is quite high compared to other methods of storage.

Cold Storage

Due to the lack of backup in desktop storage, many people opt for cold storage. This method of storing digital files includes the use of SD Cards, flash and thumb drives, and other external storage devices. One advantage cold storage has over desktop storage is that it stores data in a secured manner.

For those looking for a cost-effective way of storing large digital files, this is perfect. Here, files can be accessed and organized with ease. However, there is the problem of fragmented data. This is a situation where data cannot be accessed because the location file is not known. Cold storage devices can also get lost, damaged, or become corrupted and therefore lead to loss of data.

Social Media Storage

This method of storing digital files has grown in popularity over the years. It involves uploading your files on a social media platform to retrieve them later in the future.

The amazing thing about social media storage is that these uploaded files do not take up room on your computer or mobile devices. The videos and photos uploaded on these social platforms are arranged in albums and are quite easy to access and share. However, the problem with this form of storage is that you are not given back the best version of your file. That is, images and videos will be stored in low resolution. There is also the problem of privacy. When you upload your photos to social media, experts have found that they are being stored on these companies’ servers. Therefore, even after deleting your photos, you can be sure that they are still somewhere on that company’s server.

Cloud Storage

This is a more recent method of storing digital files and it is becoming increasingly popular. Individuals, small businesses, and large organizations have started considering this data storage solution offered by providers for its numerous benefits. Today, there are several cloud storage options in the market and they range from DropBox to Google Drive. With this storage method, files are moved from your computer or local hard drive into the cloud so that they could be protected and retrieved in the future. Cloud storage is quite different from other forms of storing digital files because your files can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection. However, the downside to cloud storage is that soon, you may outgrow the storage space and may need to expand by choosing a subscription option but this can be quite expensive.

Cloud storages also have their dangers and they are in the form of data breaches, traffic hijacking, unprotected APIs and many more.

When choosing the method of storing your digital files you should consider the size of the files, the amount of security you need, and how sensitive your data is.

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